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Month: June, 2010

Music Selection 9..

Music Selection 9 is here, 有太多好歌想分享, Sound Cloud 的 free account 的時間容量太少, 一小時的 mix down, 用左總容量既 50%……  Brit Pop > Electro Pop > Indie Rock > Acoustic?

1. Sweet Song - Blur
2. School Of Seven Bells - Chain
3. Believer - Goldfrapp
4. Honey - Lovers Electric
5. Cult Logic - Miike Snow 
6. Silver Sands - Stereolab
7. Kiss on My List  - The Bird And The Bee
8. Crystalised - The XX
9. Chemical Chords - Sterolab
10. Le Poisson des Mers du Sud - Isabelle Antena
11. 濕濕的夢 - My Little Airport
12. Shadow Behind - Love Psychedelico 
13. Heads Will Roll - Yeah Yeah Yeahs
14. One more time - Daft Punk
15. Underwear - FM Belfast
16. If I Ever Feel Better - Phoenix
17. President - FM Belfast
18. Weeping Rock, Rock - Mum

FM Belfast..

一連幾十天音樂引起,前文說起 electric pop,除左 always the best 既 Lover Electric 外,近日也迷上了 FM Belfast,網評說他們是 Syn. Pop,係因為用左 Synthesis+er 做左電音?   Anyway, just cant stop myself to get them shared ~~

Goldfrapp is back..

Alright, I actually got an agency exam tomorrow, here i’m still lazying around and think about the Goldfrapp…

I am a die hard fans of Electronica music, Electro with whatever stuffs, Electric Pop, Electric Trip Hop. You should have guessed out, the Black Cherry album of Goldfrapp is great for me, the first album I’ve heard~ But after that, the Supernature and Seventhtree is abit too pop or folk.. Like as the Efterklang, I love dead their Tripper, its full of electric. But with the recent Magic Chair, it’s full of acoustic? or too softened, cheerful.. I’m still loving them as the after-live-performance syndrome. They are still cool enough to crazy with!!

Anyway, here is the time Goldfrapp is back, the Head First, full of electric elements ~~Electric Pop = Sync. Pop? I love them both anyway~

Cystalline Green in album Black Cherry

Los Angeles Music Fest..

Sorry, cant stop digging, my passion into the music(listening) is on again!!!

by the way, check this hell, Soulwax ‘n Crystal Castle !!!!!!!!!!!!

Kaskade, Dub x House..

Post 開 Kaskade, 忍唔住要 post 埋首 Always the best, “I Remember” from his Strobelite Seduction album, original track 已經好正, 呢個 dub remix 更加係 perfect, 第一次係 Essential Mix 度聰到時真係呆晒, Dub 同 House mix 得恰到好處, 重記得當時係坐左 13 個鐘火車去福州!!!

btw, 我宜家先知原來個 remix 係 Caspa 做, 唔怪得聽 Deadmau5 時一D都聽唔返呢個 tune!

My House Music Hero..

上年係西門町買左隻Kaskade – The Grand, 超滿足. 上星期又係個度買左佢隻 Dynasty, 又係超滿足, Kaskade 絕對係我既 House Music Hero !!!!

The Grand 精選 – Imagination (remix)

Dynasty 精選 – Say It’s Over

Trial on a Real Road Bike..

CRAZY, Trial x BMX on a carbon road bike, even with the road bike tyre and 5x teeth Dura Ace crank!!! Crazy of skills ‘n idea ‘n wealth !!!

back to mine..

Here is a blog post on The Place. I think the name of  “The Place” cant stand any more without a place, and  I’m really thinking about call it as The Box..

Okay, I think I’m back after the shock, back to 2007 old steps. Party still on, back to mine, experience out of the box!!

“The Place won’t has its place” 這是一個十分難過的消息,當入到禁區扭過龍門的時候,埋門一腳卻抄飛機(世界盃抽下水~)所有圍繞著 The Place 的企劃與方案除了停下來就沒有其他辦法了,讓我想起了台灣三芝的飛碟屋,雖然概念很 crazy,設計很漂亮,但就是住不了人,成長不了。

原本開張的牌匾是 “The Place”,一打開門就是 our place,可是現在真的連門都沒有,還要叫the place的話會否有點兒故弄玄虛? 其實 The Place 不是一去不復回,它是一件我覺得對的事,一件要做的事,一個精彩的生命體,只是看來它還是未能長大見人。要設立The Place總陀這概念其實在 2009 已經開始計劃,經過一整年的屢戰屢敗再屢戰然後到現在再敗,回想再久一點,The Place 的concept – 一個建基於共同分享,打破返工放工食飯唱K船河沙龍的生活圈,其實係2007年已經開始,從那時的柴娃娃活動開始,當中多少的失敗,多少的歡樂,多少的認同,對我來說都不是太重要,因為最實在的是我去做了,再小的構思,再無聊的作品都不是問題。由我自己一個人,到身邊三五七個傻伙伴,由天馬行空的概念,身水身汗既制作,到”嘩”一聲的成果,一切一切都令我覺得更加精彩,令我死時在 white tunnel都會有所回眸。

租間長洲屋搞 House Party



去長洲廢屋影相影通宵 1 2




Wine Apperciation

去無人島Wild Camp但連埋750W DJ Set炸爆個 Island

返大陸玩 Go Kart 捧盃racing day

就是從 2007 年起,我每天都投放進去,儘管它在 2010  成不了形,但它仍然是活的,就是我們每人投放不同的東西進去,它就會給出全新的讓你去感受,因為I’m trusting in every single small potato of us is special enough..

Above a place, let’s talk about experience out of box..

其實一切已經重回以前的步伐向前中,projects 已經準備中再 shake everybody’s world。對,think要 out of the box,do要 out of the box,experience 都要out of the box,The Place 的原意就是這樣,那麼叫 The Box 好唔好呢…?

Um.. ..

As the plcce won’t get it’s place on august, i got a thunder right in my head which I have just realized. These days were just like nothing. Indeed, the plan of having a place has started since 2009, we were ready and we lost then we were ready again but we lose again. I can’t say I have got used with this, but recall further, the idea of the place was since 2007, whatever enents we’ve done, whatever joys we’ve got, it is still on the way to go. To go where? Nobody can tell, it’s a living thing we are feeding with and growing up. Whenever it’s lost, whenever it’s fell, it stood and walk again. Although It is still feeble, although it’s still like numb, I’m still trusting in it as always as I trust myself. It is side of me, and we sustain each other.. All I want is to have a worth flashback in the white tunnel.

I got no suitable calling for the place without a place. The works are still going on but back to the moments in 2009. With a slap back from my 2010’s blueprint post, let’s talk about quality, but with the old steps.

From partying, project implementing, gathering to experiencing, the place without a place is still the place. We will keep the momentum in the same direction to give away cool experience which base on sharing. It’s all because I’m trusting in every single small potato of us is special enough..

Above a place, let’s talk about experience out of box..


只要有成見,情況只會一直差下去,要一廂情願,才看得見將來,可是,將來不是現在.. 那怕今天世界未日,我有什麼輸不起,你可以一試..