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Month: October, 2009

Volk x Trial..

福士搵 Danny Macaskill 做廣告, 點可以唔 post ~~!! Hail to Street Trial ~~


Heineken closet fridge, and spoofs..

超正, 自己公司玩返自己廣告, or i should say, let the legend continuous ~


Closet fridge spoof, drug version, mushroom mushroom ~~


好喪既 spoof,  超喪 !!!

Love until we bleed..



Rainbow stair..


A street in German, just beautiful, no more info obtained ~

via 72dpi


Pink Taxi..


In Puebla, Mexico, there are 35 pink taxi freshly run on the road.. The pink army are all driven by women, and only for women.. The cause of why the company – Pink Taxi de Puebla invested about $440,000 to form the army is because women in Puebla’s taxi always feel insecurity with the man driver according to their flirt to their woman passenger.. Even, the Pink Taxi equipped with GPS tracking system and an emergency alarm for Christ Save..

*please read the full news here

I’m not sure if the news contained the full story, anyway, if the Pink is women only, why it also need the GPS device ‘ n the RED button? And, what if there is a couple of a family, will the husband and the son be allowed to get into? I’m afraid this act is more like a gender war declaring more than protecting lovely ladies..

Whatever, by only reading the link, at least it shows the Mexican’s creative ‘n openness (may also gender discrimination)~   The Pink seems nice indeed ~~

Short Movie by 1DmarkIV..

*The link may not work, while Canon has requested to take down the clip in Vimeo, maybe, so the youtube..

*or try http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cjxt1FwX2Zk on a new browser..

Oh, the 1D prototype has been released to some selected pro? With 24p, a 1.3 crop factor sensor, 10 fps for stills, a new AF system – 60 fps at 720p – and of course 1080p video…

This movie has been shot in mostly 6400 ASA range in a “dark area”, you should know without flashing, shooting in back street is nothing, even consider 30fps, how long per one shot could be out of 30 in a second.. Also, the slow motion at the end of the movie, 60fps i guess.. Plus, consider there is no motion blur in the shot of the boy escaping…

To see the whole article from the producer, please go Vincent Laforet’s blog, he is a great video fotop too ~!! Must check his posts there !!

Music Selection 7..



Recently addicted into the Modern Disco music, dun really know the definition, seems with variable beat in a song.. But more crazy than my beloved House for sure~~ Anyway, it is quite match with the Electro Dub.. Enjoy my SeL 7, Dub > Disco

10/GUI, computer controlling interface..

Vodpod videos no longer available.

I’m always interested into the neo-interaction stuffs which change to old communication way, whatever it maybe faster, easier, smarter.. It is always exciting to change the way of think by change of action-reaction/interaction/interface.. From hand, logic gate, command, and mouse we’ve used for a decade (I still remember that my first computer 286, dun have mouse~)..

However, I used to think that the mouse device is quite a regress of Human Being Sensation.. The keyboard can “write” your saying, single layer, word by word.. Or just like what I’m speaking while typing this article.. Although it is a bit delayed, but it is still the way we used to do so, or I can say the natural way.. Nevertheless, as the video also mentioned, “mouse” is a single point which limited our action in 1 click, 1 way, 1 spot.. This is not what can only to be done even for my Cat, at least she can use both hand to paw the sand..

Of cos the old computer may not power enough to support the calculation of “2 mouses”.. But today while we’re having fun with multi-touch on the iphone, it is the time to expect a new way of interaction/control/interface..  There are some consumer products has been released on the market, iphone, HP Touch Smart(still havent take a try!!), Windows Table, and some more I didn’t know..

From the Video, it raised the shortcoming of touch screen nowadays, which is your palm will block your sight.. Also, as my mum said on me while I proposed to buy her a touch screen computer (i think it will be easier for her to handle the drug ‘n drag action with her human-born-sense instead of the artificial mouse in a very “illogic way” to finish the tasks), she said the forearm will get tire easily why using the vertical touch screen.. Meanwhile, the horizontal touch screen will hurt your neck.. The way 10/GUI did is a really great exit, with a touch pad on the keyboard area to maintain the comfortable angle..

Anyway, 10/GUI is still a concept, and it is foreseeable can do better in the short future.. I’m really exciting while the interface is going to an unknown zone with endless possibilities and “the best ever” imagination ‘n engineering.. I dun feel happy while I’m stupid enough to not be one of person who “push” the world, but I’m real satisfy to witness this step~

What I’m want to say at last is, while there is going to be a brand new aspect, we can imagine/witness the ways you’ve never though about before while those made grand changes in human living.. The multi-touch, probably since iphone, creating differ commands with pre-designed finger’s track.. For sure is a real great idea even more than Human used to do(i mean million of revolution).. But how about we think more about the way of sharing, the way of data handling/internal interaction, the way of controllingthe other way of interface… … It gotta be a better tomorrow, how amazing ~~

10/GUI official site, here

Billy.T’s 25th anniversary..


I planned to use this photo to state about the braking of this blog.. But seems I will still update it relatively slower due to my part time job, my upcoming “the place” project, my job hunting (almost a year lu~)… … Anyway, stuffs in this pic are the gift for my 25th Birthday, oh! shoot, I’m 25…… What am I doing !? Any-other-way, I’m still comforting myself with this “Most of the people over expected what he can be done in 1 year, notwithstanding with they under expected what they can be done  in 10 years..” So, whatever you want <- Lovers Electric New Album’s name ~~ HoORay !!

Fixed Gear music video..

A nice MV from RAFALE, I dun know this rock band(I guess so) indeed, but the song is very aggressive, which is cool for cycling(I used to play Linkin Park while doing uphill)~ Anyway, the video is quite success to show the speedy feel of cycling (fixed gear) !!As you should know everything under the cam will look like slower.. Although I found one duplicated shot, but it is still real crazy to shoot a ~3mins video !! Cant believe there were how many encores, the cyclist must be exhausted !!!