quietly we drift away, quietly we fade to grey – suede

Month: June, 2009

Weeks off..


Hey yo, it is time to live without my computer and get rid of my Otaku life in Taipei ~ So, give ya’ll a sweet cute song before i get on the boat ~ Lisa Mitchell – Neopolitan Dreams..




Oh, Girlz ~ The new site for the New Benz E-class is quite cool. Car, girls, impact, interactive, lo-fi flash constuction are just blend very well ~ Wondering if they are the artist from America Top Idol? Though it could be a great gimmick/cut cost act with cross-over, say PRC Super Girl, or Taiwan Black Girls (Yea~)!! Also, Olympus new Pen EP-1 ~~


You should have known this..

It would be very easy to manipulate facts if it weren't for the media3

This is a bright idea to modify a famous history photo, while the photo has been acuminated plenty of audiences.

It would be very easy to manipulate facts if it weren't for the media2

It would be very easy to manipulate facts if it weren't for the media1

Body Moving..

1999 The Sounds of Science


今天考完試, 離開學校後 shuffle Beastie Boys 既第一首歌就係佢, 超正點的 ~ Body movin’ (fatboy slim remix)

There are even more too good stop-motion..

Vodpod videos no longer available.

more about “Laïka Motion | Fubiz™“, posted with vodpod

“There are too much too good stop-motion”, 本來都唔打算再 post 人地 stop-motion 既 clip 架啦.. 但係呢個堅係正, 個 “frame rate” control 得好好, 尤其好鍾意佢玩凌空, 同埋佢 D sound effect, super 夾條 clip ~!!

Drink tea while drinking tea..

What a sweet table by Caroline Woodlard . You will be in fully concentration to enjoy the tea, in between 2 of you ~

QWERTY keyboard..


So, HTC is not that cool, Nokia is not that cool, cuz the remote control at my home can slide out a QWERTY keyboard too~ With VIZIO coming up HDTV, you can go internet to blogging, chating… … but why dun use a real computer, real keyboard then? Hope it is cheaper than a computer which can do blogging…


Electric Pop..



If you checked my Tecktonik post previously, you should have known this song already, Yelle – A Cause Des Garcons (Tepr Remix).. Next to Lovers Electric, Yelle is my 2nd love in Electric Pop  artist ~ She looks really pretty for me~~

A killing vocal..



If you still remember the 2009 Nouvelle Vague x HighTone concert, you must unable to forget this Melanie Pain solo song, La Cigarette, even without microphone, it was WONDERFUL !!!

Golden 1974..

Happy 1974~~ More like a gathering than a race~~ Beer, snacks, girls ~~