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Month: February, 2009

A Nice Project ~

This is some project I will love to do so~~


Coca-Cola, addicted

This is an ads I’ve picked out from a website with pool of Coca-Cola ads.. This ads is by  Wieden + Kennedy (= W+K?) The Netherlands.. It is about the sharing of Coca-Cola. I’ve seen an MV with drawing-on-body stop motion, and of coz this one can make much further with the animation. The concept is cool, and the way to work out does too ~

Refresh now ~

Aloning in the raining Kyoto, I’ve dug out this awaking/impressive ads (maybe mostly becoz of the HOT girl) which has cast on Valentine’s Day by an underwear company Agent Provocateur. Their website is HOT too, full of sexy & temptations!

Alone in Kyoto …

其實都係拎個歌名 Alone in Kyoto  –  Air~ 一個人係京都, 都係 lost in translation, 聽左都唔係太有共鳴, 可惜…

Songs are same below, upper one for those who dun know this song… lower one is live with better sound quality (Air should be band of 2, am i correct ~!@?)

Travel in my style ..

Dear All, I found that my tour is too busy & hurry… I will stay in Peking longer, and plenty of places in North China will be skipped… So sorry to say that.. 

And,  I will post most of my film photo here but not in Facebook… Watch Out ~

Time to share some house musics ~

I still know so less about house music, and hope I can gain some more along with my sharing ~ Anyway, one thing for sure, Visual impact is must along with House music ~~


My Life  by  Chanel 


Tell Me Why  by  Supermode 

according to wikipedia  “” The song is a remix of two Bronski Beat songs from the album The Age of Consent. The music is sampled from the song “Smalltown Boy” and the lyrics are taken from the song “Why?”. Vocals on this track are performed by Jimmy Somerville.””

Blog Transformation ~!?


做左無業遊民的我, 好快就會返大陸避世lor …  而呢個 blog 好可能會變左一個旅遊博客 ~~~  呢個行程會將會以超低成本價進行, 務求以最有限既錢, kill 最多o既 Time ~~ 現是最完美o既 行程係一切由深圳機場出發到上海 > 大阪 > 京都*>神戶>天津>北京>圖門*>牡丹江>哈爾濱>黑河*>齊齊哈爾>滿州里*>大連*>威海市*>煙臺*>連雲港*>上海 >深圳 …. 

*1)京都其實想去好耐,又咁arm”順路" 又唔太貴.. 所以就去 lor ~~ 


*3)黑河係黑龍江同 俄羅斯, 海森威 接壤o既城鎮, 可以話係俄羅斯最南o既地區..

*4)滿州里 係我既真正目的地, 其實都係源於我睇過我個朋友D相,個度勁 Russia ~~所以就係係咩錢o既情況下退而求其次 .. Hee ~

*?) 呢D地方可能最後會 skip 左.. 因為到時都應該無咩錢.. 同埋好大機會改去 河北同 紹興  … 


小弟會係 Feb 12 出發,大概 Mid-April 返,不過真係唔知,因為我暫時只係 book 左去上海o既機票…..  旅費會限於20k (唔計買野~)

預告到此為止,大家可以開個盤,睇下我幾時返 ~~

Polaroid Alive Stop-Motion (In house production) on Vimeo

Vodpod videos no longer available.

more about “Polaroid Alive Stop-Motion (In house …“, posted with vodpod
Finally, I created a facebook group to gather the prower of frds around me to make something. However, it is always the hardest part to take the first step… then I made this creepy low tech stop motion with random music to be the starter and yelling with “believe ourselves, we can make the future !!”, Eeeeerrr ~

Music time ~


Finally, I share my beloved House music here ~ While I saw The Ting Tings is coming to HK, i think it will be the song to share ~ Forgive me just use the Youtube version below ~   But i think it is fun enough the here the Mixed version then the original version (as like as me, always know the remixed song then the original)~~ haha, enjoy yourself, i am busying for my career quitting ~

Mixed by Tom Neville ((Tom Neville’s Nameless Vocal Mix))

Original Song