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Month: October, 2011

Cat bowl..

Art piece of  Geraldine De Beco for Bernardaud, lovely about not just the shape of cat after fill, but no shape while empty! Dun know if the price tag is wrong, 240 ponds!?


Adobe Photoshop Touch..

I have been looking forward about how Adobe react with the Tablet era, shake it or leave it.. And here the Photoshop Touch seems they are going to shake this market!! Of course I couldn’t expect this “app” as the computer one, whatever the usage of pro, or like me to do some piece of cake stuffs.. The lighting points I’ve seen are the selection tools and multi-layering which are really useful and probably never seen in “app”..

I dun have Andriod (I already have photoshop CS3 on my tablet, but i use mouse to control~), otherwise I will download it without thinking!! And probably after St. Steve headed to another market, iOS version would be come soon!!

By the way, I have been loving Adobe Icon since the CS century (while i was working in chem lab~) And you see its icon for PS touch, how touchy it is ~!!!

Get it through..

Get it through..