quietly we drift away, quietly we fade to grey – suede

Month: July, 2014

Stars and night..


In the night with cursed angels around, I was fail to wrestle against their finger tip. All the stars at night are all about you while I am beat down on ground as they always do. With the demons and nightmares, there is light still bright in my mind. At the time it is blinded by color of dark, i can only see sun with my eyelids closed, til the embracing of the turelight, the rigid and real one, the believed and tangible one..


I am sorry for everything, for myself and you. I stood tight with everything aside me and you. Just you and me, mean more than everything. Collapsing of the  stars night could not cloak the you but bury myself. With my one hand left on ground and I would be touching with you for one last time. With all the things underneath the dust and mud, whatever it is dirt and shame, I hope there is still the soul you would like to know..


When words fade..

The only melody trigger the only memory, either 1 or 0, either full or none, and so there is nothing or anything, with the silent scream, with the empty poem.  Where does the word belong? in the flowing air, in the condensing drips, there are everywhere, but no destination..