quietly we drift away, quietly we fade to grey – suede

Month: June, 2011

Motion inforgraphic..

Australia motion grapher Patrick Clair made this cool motion infographic about a computer virus..

And of-of-course, I have to salute again to H5’s “remind me” MV which is made almost10 years advance !


dice dice dice..

Let’s grab all the dices from bars for something nice~

First, this is a dice portrait by Frederick McSwain

Then here is a mv of Fujiya & Miyagi Ankle Injuries, full of 8-bit style visual~



part1. 有了目標就會想去追, 我想”擁有”一架 Hobie 16 帆船 (其實最想要 Ruffian Class 以上的), 我想”擁有”the place.. 曾經的計劃是用 quality 將就現況, 可惜最後連實踐的機會都沒有.. 我現在心中想, 為何Hobie 不可成為 The Place 的一部份? “帆船基金” 不是隨便說說的..

你說過我變了就不會再回頭, 你也是對的, 因為我沒有跟你談及過那從未改變的 core..

part2. 一頭漸入佳景, 另一頭自然進入了困境.. 其實壓力, 是來自對自己的要求..

part3. 呢一刻 part3 真係唔知講咩… 只能感謝各位伯樂, 帶我從新起步..

Night Surfing by Iker Elorrieta..

Night surfing by Iker Elorrieta.. Really want to take a look with the behind scene, and see how many much of lightssss they used !!


從北京工作回來了, 是否我的偏見太重, 為何第一眼就覺得 “Airtime” 抄 “Monocle”..

Kylie Minogue - Come Into My World..

Awesomeness of organisation!! Richness of Visualization!!


The making of..

Peking words..