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Water clock in Osaka Station City..

Water clock in Osaka Station City South Building.. Havent digged about its official mechanism, but peek some wording like “water dot matrix printer” on web.. I’m admiring how precise the printer on top to control the droplets to be such “high resolution” image!! And wondering how long does it life, but you know, it is made in Japan..


Bike trip…

白痴的我竟不知道原來Taiwan有雪的, Taiwan Mobile01 的巴打文章, 沒有說是那裡, 只知是從宜蘭那邊去, 為什麼Taiwan會有雪山的呢~?

傳說中的民宿(新建的), 但巴打什麼info都沒有提供, 有失專業…

Nine Hours Inn, Kyoto..

追加 video on 24/3/2010

Photos are scanned from Monocle issue30 (poor scanning quality with “net texture”)

This is a new(end or 09 or begin of 10) killing capsule hotel in Kyoto, the nine hours inn/hotel~ This is so Japan; extremely detail. This is so hip; with no over-flooded design, this is so reasonable charge; capsule hotel. This is so user family; I didnt try in person, but they give what a pass-by visitor exactly needs~ I didnt check its others location, but I really love this one!

Btw, i’m sorry about my laziness, but my new occupation is really quite drawing my concentration away from this blog.. But for sure, I’m still addicted into any cool stuffs~

Japanese Garden Darwing..


How will you be impressed while there is a REAL Japanese Garden Drawing right in front of you !? And even there is 6 such Real Size Drawing in ADACHI Art Museum.. As people say, Japanese does really known how to merge with the nature, especially to enjoy the change of 4 seasons, like as the Ando Tadao’s killing churches.. Anyway, this is more crazy than making the artificial garden within the house, but put yourself into the artificial garden.. It is just like the wild zoo in Africa compare to the city zoo~ This give more respect to the mother nature than merely showing conquest with power..