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Month: September, 2011

Water Calligraphy Device..

Remember the water-fall clock in previous page? And here is more about the water dot matrix printer in Beijing Way (by a laowai’s hand).. It is being showed in the Beijing Design Week (how dare I didnt attend..) by Nicholas Hanna..


Temple of Heaven..

Hide n Find.. Red triangle shows your current location, so where was I in the Temple of Heaven? (click to enlarge!)


Tri-colour cat..



Out of the box sign (I call) by Yuki Matsueda..


Modern Sky Festival 2011..

媽的, 只差幾天!!




Water clock in Osaka Station City..

Water clock in Osaka Station City South Building.. Havent digged about its official mechanism, but peek some wording like “water dot matrix printer” on web.. I’m admiring how precise the printer on top to control the droplets to be such “high resolution” image!! And wondering how long does it life, but you know, it is made in Japan..


Back to the grid, the Tron! Revolight bike illuminating project for road save by Kent, Adam & Jim.. Was wondering why make the full rim be illuminated, or white while forwarding, and red on braking (like as the car racing, burning the brake disc)~


PC magic pad..

FINALLY, the “magic pad” hit PC, I love Logitech!! Also, real love the Window 8 “box-interface” (also, window mobile 7)  Seems time to get prepared to renovate my computing system into a new era!!

Good old time..

My sight is backed, good old time~




Live the language..


Ok, Beijing again~ Live the Language campaign by EF language center. They have made servers of clips from Paris to Barcelona. With the faded colouring,  I love the “Sydney” most !