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Month: May, 2009

Haha.. caveman should not get into the city..


哈, 原本話同 Pui 師父開間 leather 廠, 點知當佢已經整左D勁靚手帶既時候, 我都只係整左呢 D below avg. 之作…. 激死左佢 ~~

An ads ‘n a crazy world..


There are quite a lot of humanism NGO conducted very impact ads around the world like the Green Peace, WWF, Amnesty International… … However, I didt check about which one this is…  this picture is impact enough, but think about this is an installation on the street, see the video in ADivertido.. From the edited video, there are not many people check if there was really a child inside.. of coz people may know it must be fake.. nobodies can confirm here.. but let say there are really nobody check to start my point about this ads..

The power of this ads is it bring yourself thinking from inside while providing the truth.. This ads is hitting your heart while you may think after walk by “Oh… why didnt i check if there was a real kid..” and then “Ouch… by the way, there are so many kids are being ignored indeedm i have to do sth…”      Of coz I’m quite sure most of the Hong Kong are too busy ‘n got no time to think that much before they go to watch the TV or shopping…

Actually, I would’t suggest to make a “breathe machine” to make the kids more real.. Cuz this ads is to trap the people to ignore “him”, fking cool ~~!!

On the other hand, I would like to recall another humanism incident in Nicaragua in 2007 .. It is a relatively longer/more detail story here.. It is about an “artist” captured a weak ‘n starving stray dog ‘n put it in the exhibition.. He tied the dog in a cornor with no food or water during the exhibition until it’s gone.. Afterward, he used the dry dog  food to pile the words “You are what you see”… And the artist is going to do this “art” again in another exhibition in Besalona  2008… This is the story you can see on the internet.. This is fucking crazy right?

Of coz I did the petition instantly.. Indeed I am neutual in this case while I tried to find out more info about this according to the information overloaded world ‘n overloaded “Magistrate in Ethical ‘n Gucci” around.. I told myself I will never judge something/someone wrong by merely an email (i first received from frd by an email) even I’m just going to spread the message.. I even just search again (but ended in google page 1) to dig out more info/truth.. The sadly thing I was expected is there are much much less result afterward things.. People can keep barbarbar for sth, saying marc his face, cut his dick … … and then suddenly disappear until somebody recall this again… … No body can tell if the dog is really killed, no pics(there are always those few pictures on web), no info from the exhibition veneue, no “artist” declaration, but a claimed real wordings from “artist” blog in a againsting website..

Sorry about I have to claim so much thing about this crazy world for this kind of case.. I dun want to be called as cold blood but meanwhile I dun want to be those “hot blood/憤青” who do even cold blood things… But anyway, the point is here. Where there were no ppl stop this or try to end this crazy thing? Becoz they are all noble human? The wording of “you are what you see” is fucking cool.. exactly same impact from the ads above…

My friends, it is time to think ‘n digest more about the incidents surrounding you and act more instead of just speak…

Come on, smoker ..


What a talent Ads!! 100% hit to the audience, while the smoker looking for the place to smoke, or even the non-smoker may figure out if there are only Camel allowed ~~!! If the Agency is believing in Air-Traffic = relatively rich segment, I think they can play more luxury in this ads, thus the branding ~~

by ADivertido

Where CG goes after Toy Story (Sorry, i only know this movie)..

只想講, 有無搞錯! 呢條女係 CG 黎既咩 !!?    by Seventhstreet..




Say hello to Mr. ‘n Mrs. Potato !!



A stunt project from a Lebanese artist – Ginou Choueiri, I dun really know how can he do that, but just amazing ‘n impressing !

Its another photo..


Cool, let me declare again in this post ~ I’m gonna put more personal stuffs in this blog.. Of coz i will keep on my momentum in cool stuff+ing to show you sth new ~~ 

Here is my self-developed film after scanned/digitalized, the Red Scale Film is prepared by myself too ~~ I can say good bye to the Photo Shop in HK now ~~  I really like the Red Scale Film with red color reduced. It makes a vintage feeling.. I quite like this shot, while it looks like an old HongKong photo, but there is ICC(International Commerce Center) behind ~



哈哈, 又係時為呢個 Blog 加多D野.. 就係我自己既野 ~~ 當然我都會盡力去 R 自己比較見得人同突別少少既野 show 俾大家睇 ~

呢張相係 Cheung Chau Night Project 既延伸… 正所為可一不可再, 世間都好難找到3個 frds 可以陪我 11pm 係大圍踩單車去大尾篤水壩影相影到4pm 再係大圍飲早茶 ~~ 其中一人重要返工 ~~ 呢張相係係一張失敗作度 crop 出黎.. 但係個感覺幾好, 好有零空 freeze 既感覺.. 如果走埋大脾個 part 就 perfect 啦 ~

Project Byebye Photo Shop ~

BMC0083兩個月前我無諗過我可以係屋企完成呢個實驗.. 原意想將筒ProPlusII age 返去 1982 ~ 個種 Pale 都做到 , 但係可能本身ProPlusII 好柔色… 所以班爛個part要靠 Photoshop lu~ 另外,沖 negative 比沖 positive少一個 step, 而感覺D相無咁易死,hea 住去都有好野睇 ~ 買左 120 沖罐, 期待我部 長城DF2 既result ~~ 我要玩中底, byebye 135~~!!

加送一張山寨沖 film 相 ~

BMC0087 *你見我D相都好多dust ‘n hair… 係因為在下超級無耐性同(嗱渣).. 用到高科技風扇吹乾既後果 ~

My little Airport 玩大了, 好玩了 ~~

話說My little Airport, Ah P 寫左首 Donald Tsang, please die 後引起大家嘩然… 雜誌 Face 既記者就好勁咁同 Ah P 做左個電話訪問… FACE!? 大家都知道一定賴野啦~ 個將件事無限放大之餘當然唔少得起 Ah P 底… 雜誌出街後打個突既 My Little Airport  即刻作左首 “給face雜誌的記者ivy” 發洩下.. 最開心係 The Pixel Toys 又 “remix” 左首歌去 support 佢地 ~~哈,真係溫馨又好玩 ~~

Donald Tsang, please die – My Little Airport

According to Donald Tsang slip of speech about the 64 affair, My little airport mainly pursue his speech major idea “we should forgive/forget 64 while we can see how good PRC is”.. Then Ah P sing “Mr. Donald Tsang, if your hands are cut by someone, but then this guy reach very successful and even become the Chief Executive. Then you should forget/forgive him becoz of his done..”

給face雜誌的記者ivy – My Little Airport

The member of My Little Airport – Ah P has been tele-interviewed by a very famous porn-like-magazine. But what he saw after the publish is, amplify  the “Donald Tsang, please die.. and even dig out all Ah P personal information.. So, he use his angry but easy (無氣)vocal to complain to IVY~~

給my little airport, 給face雜誌的記者ivy – Pixel Toys

After the My Little Airport, another local indie band Pixel Toys “remixed” the song to support Ah P ~~ Super warm ‘n funny ~~suddenly I feel HK is cute ~~

Cool Infography..


Amazing Inforgraphy by Gretchen Nash.. This is really out of the box stuff !! He recently published a book – deargretchen, which is full of his works ~! I Love Infography, cuz it can really tell a story in a picture.. Also, make data much less boring..