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Japan earthquake..

whatever my opinion about Japan tragedy, the ‘Japan Earthquake: before and after‘ by ABC news can really tell what the mother nature did, and this is a real powerful yet easy way to expose the fact, which more than just a photo.



The ultimate control solution so far for desktop computer has been solved by the Apple Magic Pad.. So, world needs a step forward for the iPad or any tablet gadgets. 5 inch more please, while I’m talking about the appliances which can be used on deck, big enough to read further than your own arms. So, Ellipticlabs is giving you a Wii+iPad solution, which the sight wont be blocked by your own hand, and you can control it with your wet hands in the bathroom~

MINI COPPER vendor machine..

Check the MINI COPPER vendor machine in Canada. Eye on the bottom of the screen, there is few gates, i was guessing if the new buy car would come out there as the drinks vendor machine do~ Anyway, I dun think people do purchasing via the cell phone. But if for the new car check out process, this can create enough noise~

Navilights by Julian Kohn..

Vodpod videos no longer available.

This is a proposal project – Navilights by Julian Kohn from a Denmark design school DESIGN SKOLEN KOLDING , for the Shanghai World Expo.

A clever design which merged infography n road indicator. For sure I real love the on-ground indicator with tasty infography, esp the pink+red line, with the river~ But for those blues on the sample, it seems down-used the concept, I will use progressive saturation colour to indicate the sub-zones

In my mind, I think the illuminated tube indicator is not necessary to be THAT china, with bamboo, seems not that match with the asphalt. And i think it is not tall enough, I may use hanger-truck(吊雞車) or sth more decent to hang larger tubes from the air. Ai, yea, then will need to adjust the viewing angle..

Also, I got a question about the bike tube, it is fabulous for sure which can indicate the distance with a “natural” sense – the shorter the light, the closer the destination. However, it seems didnt tell how to set the target,  and it may need a zoning code for each site. And it will be the best if it can display where you are hanging around..

Please check out their other great project, here is my selection:

hirzberger events – digital wallpaper

Finally i know this technique is called Geometry Mapping. This can create an illusion to make the projection in 3D, I have first seen in cubic cascade surface.. They did too, facade projection, but the rendering images are abit low-fi..

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Getting know how’s V(isual)J(okey) cooperate with multi-touch panel, as I say, this control is what it should be~~

10/GUI, computer controlling interface..

Vodpod videos no longer available.

I’m always interested into the neo-interaction stuffs which change to old communication way, whatever it maybe faster, easier, smarter.. It is always exciting to change the way of think by change of action-reaction/interaction/interface.. From hand, logic gate, command, and mouse we’ve used for a decade (I still remember that my first computer 286, dun have mouse~)..

However, I used to think that the mouse device is quite a regress of Human Being Sensation.. The keyboard can “write” your saying, single layer, word by word.. Or just like what I’m speaking while typing this article.. Although it is a bit delayed, but it is still the way we used to do so, or I can say the natural way.. Nevertheless, as the video also mentioned, “mouse” is a single point which limited our action in 1 click, 1 way, 1 spot.. This is not what can only to be done even for my Cat, at least she can use both hand to paw the sand..

Of cos the old computer may not power enough to support the calculation of “2 mouses”.. But today while we’re having fun with multi-touch on the iphone, it is the time to expect a new way of interaction/control/interface..  There are some consumer products has been released on the market, iphone, HP Touch Smart(still havent take a try!!), Windows Table, and some more I didn’t know..

From the Video, it raised the shortcoming of touch screen nowadays, which is your palm will block your sight.. Also, as my mum said on me while I proposed to buy her a touch screen computer (i think it will be easier for her to handle the drug ‘n drag action with her human-born-sense instead of the artificial mouse in a very “illogic way” to finish the tasks), she said the forearm will get tire easily why using the vertical touch screen.. Meanwhile, the horizontal touch screen will hurt your neck.. The way 10/GUI did is a really great exit, with a touch pad on the keyboard area to maintain the comfortable angle..

Anyway, 10/GUI is still a concept, and it is foreseeable can do better in the short future.. I’m really exciting while the interface is going to an unknown zone with endless possibilities and “the best ever” imagination ‘n engineering.. I dun feel happy while I’m stupid enough to not be one of person who “push” the world, but I’m real satisfy to witness this step~

What I’m want to say at last is, while there is going to be a brand new aspect, we can imagine/witness the ways you’ve never though about before while those made grand changes in human living.. The multi-touch, probably since iphone, creating differ commands with pre-designed finger’s track.. For sure is a real great idea even more than Human used to do(i mean million of revolution).. But how about we think more about the way of sharing, the way of data handling/internal interaction, the way of controllingthe other way of interface… … It gotta be a better tomorrow, how amazing ~~

10/GUI official site, here



Oh, Girlz ~ The new site for the New Benz E-class is quite cool. Car, girls, impact, interactive, lo-fi flash constuction are just blend very well ~ Wondering if they are the artist from America Top Idol? Though it could be a great gimmick/cut cost act with cross-over, say PRC Super Girl, or Taiwan Black Girls (Yea~)!! Also, Olympus new Pen EP-1 ~~