quietly we drift away, quietly we fade to grey – suede

Month: January, 2017

In the life of inbetween two life..

In the life of middle, I am so worrying about you are too old, and you are too young, whatever you 2 are doing, there are, just crushing altogether, my selfish me, which, just want your 2 can have everything well..

You would have told me to miss somebody, something, both of you..

After The Curious Case of Benjamin Button.. while i am old enough to take that..
Finally, I am old enough to take this story, one joy raised, another joy gone.. if not, there maybe just something regret, and you will lost it forever, some regret will torment eternally


I am, on a stone..

There is a stone we have been talking long ago, and there we are, delayed in fellow race, and glad we have still made here, and somebodies drown, maybe just for now, before dead..

Man made by his novel, and my novel shall upstream from here, with abit vision, with abit caring, with abit considering, or, shall with nothing.. whatever fancy or evil, it should be another chapter of the novel, and at least it shall be a fabulous one, out of previous and consolidate the later..

Earth is still spinning, and everything shall move on, old but gold is crowding, youth is impulsive in all round, and that’s merely naive (yet treasurable).. And what if there is something else?

Something at least i could move forward to..