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Month: March, 2010

Hot summer..

Shiseido x 木村Gatsby 的 老外 TVC, .. 再翻睇, 都係原作好睇D~~ 個種鏡頭準確同細膩都係日系 arm 口味D, 有時真係唔係話人多一定會贏..


NEOZOON’s street installation art about fur..

Quote from Good Magazine issue18, about NEOZOON‘s street installation art about fur.. (kick into their website, you will be surprised with their front page~)

Wooster: What do you think your piece adds to or subtracts from the community?

Neozoon: At best, it raises questions, like: “Where have all those animals gone in my environment” or “opps-was this piece of shrink wrapped supermarket meat really once alive and kicking? “We take discarded fur coats and reintroduce them to the environment by returning them to their former shape, making them “live,” to let people perceive [that] this used to be a living animal. Then it was just an animal skin, with a human inside, and now it has returned as an animal. Maybe it also adds something wild to our civilized urban surrounding.

Wooster: Why did you choose the subject matter you did?

Neozoon: Our concern is the animal and its environment. We question the relationship of people and animals in a Western urban surrounding. You could really describe it as schizophrenic. On one hand, we have tons of meat: thousands of animals slaughtered every hour outside the cities and sold in clean plastic with expiration dates, and preferably not to be recognized as such. And on the other hand we have pets: insanely bred toys and overloaded with emotion. It’s just interesting to see how we perceive animals and how they seem to differ in value, just depending on what fits us best.

While I’m looking a pork chop in market, it is a piece of meat or was a flesh from an animal?
While I’m eating a steak in restaurant, it is a New Zealand A grade or was a running cattle?
While I’m stroking my cat, what is the difference between she in my arm, and she in the meat factory?
While I’m sitting in front of reality, you are convincing me to embrace the “actuality” or stand with the fact?
While I’m looking at the pork chop again, I feel intractable conflicts..

Carbon chopsticks..

超 Hardcore!! 單車仔至愛, Carbon Fibre 筷子~!!! US125, 有得諗

個人最愛, Carbon Fibre money clip!!!! US92, 好想買

Check out more carbon products here, 個人認為全 Carbon 的 product 才吸引的, 所以個 leather+carbon wallet 可以唔諗住

Poloroid is back..

Yes, Poloroid is back, The Impossible Project (news in a year before) finally made/making it possible.. First Flush, B/W 8pcs per pack, in order list at USD21. March 25, a day to remember !!

By the way, also found some of its cool products on their web

Hot Chip – I feel better

帶點反高潮的 MV, 我鍾意, 略嫌放電個 part 有重複..  不懂 Myspace plug-in, 按呢度

Motion Infography..

Rhythmic cycle w/ abstract animation by Renaud Hallée using Flash even without scripting ! This clip is in selection official for the festival of cartoon film of Annecy. Really simple ‘n inspirative ,make me think about the motion infography!! A simply yet beauty selection than the H5’s epic one below (always the best!!)

further more, a newer product by a university student, recap here in my elder post..

Premium Gift..

I recall that Vincent did a FYP about “premium gift”, which is about provide a unforgettable, special, and premium experience for whom you want to give. And a year later, I got a news from Michelle about her company got a new job about “premium gift”. After the click, the company is provide some luxury unforgettable, special, and premium experience like yacht sea-night, private villa holiday, Dubai Farrier track day… … All about luxury (from middle class to upper class), thus unforgettable, special and premium(but imaginable not like going to Jupiter or hunt a Blue Whale..)

06/07年的Times 的年度人物係”你”,重有可能係你,你,你,同你!! 回想一下原來已經3個年頭,再加加上宜家 80後, 90後等城中熱話(乘以自身的自負,再除以別人的歧見),其實等如你就是宇宙最強,搞不好 Big Band 同 Coke Cola 都係為左你而誕生。如果有幸正在看這文的你都認同送給好友,不要現成,不要重複的真心禮物,那麼就真的要同我係 MSN 傾下,我諗我地都算好 arm 咀..

So, lets twist abit, what we can do for ourselves/friends more less like as Tao proposing who think it is worth for?

Bill board – Set a Bill board on Road, or a line of poster in MTR station for a message..
Stocker – Somebodies is doing this in US. They pay for a stocking crew to chase them as a famous star (abit weird but should be lovely)..
Kidnap – An extreme idea from above.. (how about make a war~)
Flash gang – Cooperate with extras to do some “people sea tactic” (人海戰術)
TVC – Make a TVC for message (is it possible to put an anti-gay ‘n anti-corruption in 志雲飯局?)

Video – is designed/edited/ video..
Poster – is designed/pasted poster, for user’s incidents..
Paper Card Direct Mail – is designed direct mail, for user’s message..
Event – is designed/arrange/invited event, for user’s message..
Hamper- is arranged/selected/delivery hamper, for user’s target..

大有大做,細有細做,既然大家都重係小朋友,緊係唔會玩”法拉”利同綁架啦,又無牌又無槍。但係只要大家開心,又未試過,有咩唔怕做呀 ~!

Domino MV..

– The one shot domino ads/mv/movie is not new, probably since the first impressive Honda Accord MV (in below).. and so, a mean critique will be here, although i even cannot reach this level of production..

– At first I’m quite expecting about they put Music + Domino, but the combination is not impress without enough interaction in between the song and the domino compound.. Say it can be more installation to create the song melody or sound effect.. This make me give an assumption, song is made before the MV..

– While I saw the splashed band-mate in the first scene,  i cant really accept the “merely” color canon at the last scene.. Also, I dun if those 4 color contain any meaning. I didnt see the connection inside the MV, yet the MV is not colorful as that 4 splashed guys (yet yet not a contrast)..

– The duplex shooting made a good result..

– The smashing TV part is quite a explosively shock in the MV, i like that shot~

– They splashed them self, one of them is smashed by a “hammer?”.. Should be attractive as like as Jackass style, but still far from the standard..

– And I think they can put more effort into the singers position arrangement, say they can move their position with the cam (keep the flowing cam, but with their movement in the back layer)

First good thing in my eye, always sweet.. Honda Accord Domino Ads

I love this stupid spoof as well ~~


為何閉上眼睛,看到的會是一面牆; 為何抱著雙腳,感覺到的是一個空殼。

– 良久沒有用心說話,對自己也有一點陌生。到了三月的一半,我到底在那裡,我身旁又有誰..
– 原來每天在旋轉的只有我自己,那麼請多給我一點空間。
– 我看不見你,是否等如你看不見我; 我看著你時,又是否等如你在看著我。
– 我說的話,你有在聽嗎,好的壞的我都說了,你聽進耳的,其實不是我想說的;我要說的,其實你都聽不入耳。我說的話,未能認真,因為你并未把我看見。
– 如果今天只是為了明天後天同大後天,我寧願現在死去。
– 夢想與空話是不同的,為夢想而觸礁的,為空話而蹉跎的,是不同的,但很多人還是只看得見空話,讓夢想隨風飄逝。

為何張開眼睛,看到的是一團黑影; 為何握著雙手,感覺不到一點溫暖。


Adidas Original..

Love the color tone, love the SX70, love the music, love the bicycle, love the adidas original rigid style, love the leisure, love the Retro !!