quietly we drift away, quietly we fade to grey – suede

Month: June, 2013

No Label..



Sun has set, I see no bright, I need someone to bring me a light, and tell me there will be a dawn.

This happen day by day, I put no objection to the nature, to see one night which has no sunrise..


no label..

Recovered_JPEG Digital Camera_20801

Let the good be filmed, and the rest go ashes..

How much of good, how much of bad, how much of good..

Living soul gone, dead body live.. a zombie crawling, the spirit fading..




Part.1  未必有能耐達到韜光養晦,甚至終日乾乾也未必有結果,但最少要避免或躍在淵,因為呢樣野,任何人都可以做到。。沒有懷才不遇,只有自知之名,可幸慢步向前,龜兔賽跑,贏得舒服,輸得閒逸,慶幸輸贏以外找到了自由。


Part.3 也許是身體防衛基制使然,有多少positive情感就會有多少negative慨嘆,一世人活過兩種生命,live alive 不已是十分浪漫嗎?


Part.4 不用費神去盤算愛的有效期可以有多長,只要確保情感都曾全部表達出去,Nothing has really happened,until it has been described,留下證據成為標本,過去了也可隨時回味。。