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FROZEN WAVE – Juan Rayos..

I dun have comment about the way they play the long board.. But it seems a great event day in a canal, painted it tone of color and joy ~

“A day in the country; sun, music & skate. An event organized by Ra and Buddywood to skate one of the few available ditches near Madrid.” That is a day, a memorable day..


Rooftop Movie Night..

This i really nice for me, my 6m x 2m screen is still at my room.. I should re-evaluate and utilise my working pattern, to do some thing against the repetitive boredom..

Ma Wan Gallery


其實一直都好想 create 一個 platform/chance 去為朋友做一個相展.. 因為大家都鍾意影相, 咁影左一張自己好滿意的作品時, 當然會想同別人分享啦~ 當然係我未去查找點樣可以成事之前, 係完全唔會有頭緒 or 完全無諗過點樣將自己既 “劣作” 當成展品.. 今次能夠成功絕對多謝朋友 和 朋友的朋友 們的行動支持, 并超級特別多謝 Ah Mark 借出佢既屋俾我地係牆上開窿上鋼線, 令到個場真係好似 Gallery ~~ 在計劃開初, 係想好似中環D Gallery 咁租個地鋪去做.. 但因租金太過高昂, 同埋租1個月, 根本唔會so 你.. 由租散貨場, 工廠大廈… 到最後放棄.. 而且當時并無咩人有興趣..

Anyway, 今次 Aug29 & Sept6 既event 都做得幾好, 大家都開開心心 ~

左: 最似 Gallery 的一shot ~    右: 場地的另一 shot ~


左: Visitors 的 LOMO Board ~    右: 好彩 Franki 主持 Killer 遊戲, 為大家打破隔膜 ~



bigger pic via flcikr

Project Pronormama has been done, the result is under expected, but really thanks the help from Michelle and Soho..

The problem is the tones on the bodies are not very match the background.  Probably due to the not-enough resolution of the bodies.. However, this is not a commercial project, heavy and finely touching are not possible.. Anyway, it was fun during the shooting day ~

Bassy is backed, party on an isolated island ~

買左新 Speaker, 目標, Sai Kung (白沙灣) Full Moon Overnight Party ~~ July, maybe..

In memory of our last Long Island Party ~



Cool, our Project: Massive Photo Wall has been done nicely.. It is possible to DO something, what a great initial+er, will try my best to keep this momentum to DO bigger ‘n harder !! Infography of the event will come up later~


Event movie


Photo eat a man – a stop motion

Vodpod videos no longer available.

if it is not working, try this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CnqvzoMDVqU

Special Thanks to all photo providers !! 

wall_infolarger pic


Pui’s photo http://333.fotoc.com/fotoseries/v/hk/project/

Opt team mate head photo http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=116083&id=639473342&l=1ca0dfd607


Below teamate’s albums are facebook login needed

Sam’s photohttp://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=124044&id=729235375&ref=nf

Tao’s photohttp://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=115167&id=627863427&ref=mf


Michelle’s photohttp://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=128939&id=647345714&ref=nf


Emily’s photo – http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=264579&id=633125611&ref=nf

Jeffrey’s photo – http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=95170&id=533841495&ref=nf

Tour de Guangzhou


tdg_bannerOh, finally one more, cycling to Guangzhou City from Shenzhen City. 220km, almost 100% flat road (at least no slope like as Tai Po Road). I did one time b4, and used 12 hrs with an 14-19km/hr  average speed. This time with Calvin, I expect we can reach 20 – 25km/hr  average speed, and arrive GZ city within 10 hrs. I will ride my re-birth Birdy, and Calvin will on my Giant 26″ MTB.

Actually, in term of cycling, there is no fun about cycling to GZ on G107 country road.. but, it is just….. something want to accomplish, and kinda of crazy(but it is not really hard at all). So, I invited Calvin to do it again ~~      *are the posters feel really dumn !?!!  NO WAY

And of coz, i would like to meet some frds in GZ city as there will have a DBG concert.


Fotos from my last trip:


We sang, we danced, we swam, we said goodbye to Gabin

This is the final final farewell for Gabin. Thanks for Gabin & Xavier handling everything, and we were completely drunk… cant imagine how some of us go to LKF with the wet underwear…..    Just check out how crazy we were !!!

Crazy Mix

Vodpod videos no longer available.


Naked Cowboys in Pier No.9


On board Live performance 


Our last words before Gabin go to Peking

Can you recall some inland which will only be connect during the low tide?



New hiking + photographing event encouraged by Jeffey. Actually, I dun really know how to explain this place, and I got no good photo which can describe it… Maybe as I mentioned in the facebook, “Can you recall some inland which will only be connect during the low tide?”,, Ahhh, I think u’ve got it ~~ Come to join us ? 

Long Island Party

The party mix is finally done ! It was good, and every body enjoy ~