Goldfrapp is back..

by phenixwithnomind

Alright, I actually got an agency exam tomorrow, here i’m still lazying around and think about the Goldfrapp…

I am a die hard fans of Electronica music, Electro with whatever stuffs, Electric Pop, Electric Trip Hop. You should have guessed out, the Black Cherry album of Goldfrapp is great for me, the first album I’ve heard~ But after that, the Supernature and Seventhtree is abit too pop or folk.. Like as the Efterklang, I love dead their Tripper, its full of electric. But with the recent Magic Chair, it’s full of acoustic? or too softened, cheerful.. I’m still loving them as the after-live-performance syndrome. They are still cool enough to crazy with!!

Anyway, here is the time Goldfrapp is back, the Head First, full of electric elements ~~Electric Pop = Sync. Pop? I love them both anyway~

Cystalline Green in album Black Cherry