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Month: November, 2008

Global warming is melting us !!




A Global warming fighting Ads by Leo Burnett Argentine. I think this would be more impress in real than in photo. And i’m wondering if they really dig a hole in the path!?


Ping Pong Bruce Lee


A china Ad for Bruce Lee limited edition N96 from Nokia. I dun know if they cropped the real movement of Bruce, or they found a die-hard fans of Bruce with unbelievable “twin-sticks?” technique performance!? Considering the shadow of Burce, it is just so real !!

Amuse you in every night


a simply & funny decoration, 2 colors by a product design company “design glut”. Go check out more http://www.designglut.com

Tour de Pak Lai on Vimeo

It was a great great photographing & cycling tour in north-west of HK ~

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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View finding from top to being pro ~



Addicted into the view finding with others Twin Reflection Lenes? How about taste it with your own DC ~~ US25 to get the vanity, but it is useful indeed ~


Show your green dance ~


Eco-nightclub will be launched on July 2010 in London (another cool stuffs aside of Ministry of Sound)!! They claimed that arrive with Bicycle will be allowed to get in for free, what a good news for me, of coz if I’m living around London ~~!!!! By the way, I’m wondering what will the dancer generated power for ?? No dance, no light !? 

This should has been thought in long time before, this so straight forward and great idea !!  You think the movie will be kinda of Scientific Technical Boredom Show reel? Check it out and you will see how should a city production be~!

Spot Sprint Agency

It’s a really nice and fancy motion graphic, with a stadium inside the cell phone. There is a bit of miniature feel inside the stadium, but just fancy ~~~ Please also pay attention on Sprint’s motion logo, company should develop this & Sprint’s one is cool as well !!! I will find out 2 more Sprint’s ads which I’ve seen in Idn DVD, they are outstanding too !!!

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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Preparedeness Now | Theo Alexopoulos

Nice photos composing motion graphic   [Preparedness Now] by  Theo Alexopoulos 

About the movie from http://www.shakeout.org

Up-and-coming film director, motion graphics designer and Art Center College of Design alumnus, Theo Alexopoulos, takes you on a visceral journey through the USGS ShakeOut Earthquake Scenario. The film was created by the USGS Multi-Hazards Demonstration Project in cooperation with the Designmatters program at Art Center to depict the physical, social, and economic consequences of the most comprehensive earthquake scenario ever created. The film gives the viewers a sense of what will be happening and inspires them to prepare and mitigate for a faster recovery. The premise underlying the film is that design is a powerful catalyst that can bridge the divide between scientific understanding about damaging quakes, and the ability of the public to feel empowered and to change their behavior in terms of preparedness.


Ouch ~




Ouch.. I love these patpat stickers ~~

Cool McDonalds Packing !



According to the web, they said these will be the new Global packing start from Nov2008… But I still cannot see it in Tai Kok Tsui McDonalds, by the way, I’m lovin it (the packing alone only!!)~