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I focus things on beauty part..

Sometimes, I am extreme positive, it is because I focus on the beautiful part of everything, also, I embrace any possibilities, in sometimes..




Peking words..


Moving still (another story of gif)..

(*may need to click into the pic to see the awesomeness!)

A really bright idea to use the gif, like as the flat 3D picture..  The photographer is a fashion blogger – Jamie Beck who shoot really good pictures, thus made a really sparkling image with gig+beauty ~!

Since 1987, the gif still walking with us!!

*found that it is called cinemagraph (6/6/2012)

Japan earthquake..

whatever my opinion about Japan tragedy, the ‘Japan Earthquake: before and after‘ by ABC news can really tell what the mother nature did, and this is a real powerful yet easy way to expose the fact, which more than just a photo.


在迷失的時光裡, 最好take一點驚喜, 在貧苦的生活裡, 最好search一點圖片~ 先來Photo篇

Zach Gold的作品,其實相機的最基本就是留住那千份之一秒。

Tim Simmons 的作品,很冰冷的作品,一直都被這種style吸引,好Zen。

Peter Funch的作品,在同一場景 overlap 同一種動作~

??-很正的一張,應該是Vintage的作品, 應該是一戰時期。背負著歷史的震撼。

Brent Humphreys的 Tour de France系列,個人單車偏好,同好正的情景,在想香港可能好容易就可以做到(八卦)

??-玩到好盡的 Overlapping 。

偏好的色tone, 好clean 的畫面 ~ by the way, 我都有一張是相似色 tone 的, 重有歌仔聽tim~(賣廣告) Music Selection 4

Michael Wolf..

看過German 的新相, 令我想起了Michael Wolf. 上去睇原來有了新相, 未有第一次看他影香港樓的impact, but 同系一樣, 真正的用照片反影了當地文化的特色!


還能記起Pui師父第一次給我看的Michael Wolf的震撼. What a photo can do!


This is a music selection album-photo from my Hero – ISO 50.. The house is just awesome, the mountain too, the lighting too, the cliff too!!

3D 4/3..

4/3 system has gave a shake to the DSLR market already, and now it is giving it another shake to the DV market!! A 3D lens. Dun know if we will all wear 3D glasses for the photo sharing after Lamma Island?? via Photography Blog

Holga Digital..

Hasselblad went digital, Mamiya went digital, Leica went digital… … So, here should be the moment of the Toy-King Holga go digital !!

Firstly, love dead its flash design.

Then, dream will come true, but not tomorrow~ This is a concept of Holga Digital by Product Designer – Saikat Biswas. He has made a detailed concept for the Holga yet remains its lo-fi and minimalism, of course also the 120 ‘n 135 format ~~ by the way, is it 4/3 system ~?

Poloroid is back..

Yes, Poloroid is back, The Impossible Project (news in a year before) finally made/making it possible.. First Flush, B/W 8pcs per pack, in order list at USD21. March 25, a day to remember !!

By the way, also found some of its cool products on their web