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Motor surf board..

Great, there is a new hope for me who cant really paddle on the wave. Created by Wavejet, there is a little “engine module” providing 20 pounds of thrust power (1 of Boeing 777 Roll Royce engine provide 100,000 pounds, ummm….) It is not only serve surf board, but also any kind of water goods, great! great !! However, it is not on selling yet, then i can save some money for this !

Watch the video! Firstly, I think the concept is completely wrong.. As I know there is nobody us power boat to play surfing (they all go wake boarding..) Like no bicycle have motor (except the electric gearing..).. But the visual took me over (plus the carbon fiber indeed..). It is so minimal while standing on a board and moving slowly to the wave… By the way, u never see how they “duck dive” in the video ~


3D 4/3..

4/3 system has gave a shake to the DSLR market already, and now it is giving it another shake to the DV market!! A 3D lens. Dun know if we will all wear 3D glasses for the photo sharing after Lamma Island?? via Photography Blog

Touch Wood cell phone..

“Touch Wood” by DOCOMO, Olympus, and Sharp.. Nature x Tech 個 mixture fit 到無朋友, 個名都係 !!

Short Movie by 1DmarkIV..

*The link may not work, while Canon has requested to take down the clip in Vimeo, maybe, so the youtube..

*or try http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cjxt1FwX2Zk on a new browser..

Oh, the 1D prototype has been released to some selected pro? With 24p, a 1.3 crop factor sensor, 10 fps for stills, a new AF system – 60 fps at 720p – and of course 1080p video…

This movie has been shot in mostly 6400 ASA range in a “dark area”, you should know without flashing, shooting in back street is nothing, even consider 30fps, how long per one shot could be out of 30 in a second.. Also, the slow motion at the end of the movie, 60fps i guess.. Plus, consider there is no motion blur in the shot of the boy escaping…

To see the whole article from the producer, please go Vincent Laforet’s blog, he is a great video fotop too ~!! Must check his posts there !!

10/GUI, computer controlling interface..

Vodpod videos no longer available.

I’m always interested into the neo-interaction stuffs which change to old communication way, whatever it maybe faster, easier, smarter.. It is always exciting to change the way of think by change of action-reaction/interaction/interface.. From hand, logic gate, command, and mouse we’ve used for a decade (I still remember that my first computer 286, dun have mouse~)..

However, I used to think that the mouse device is quite a regress of Human Being Sensation.. The keyboard can “write” your saying, single layer, word by word.. Or just like what I’m speaking while typing this article.. Although it is a bit delayed, but it is still the way we used to do so, or I can say the natural way.. Nevertheless, as the video also mentioned, “mouse” is a single point which limited our action in 1 click, 1 way, 1 spot.. This is not what can only to be done even for my Cat, at least she can use both hand to paw the sand..

Of cos the old computer may not power enough to support the calculation of “2 mouses”.. But today while we’re having fun with multi-touch on the iphone, it is the time to expect a new way of interaction/control/interface..  There are some consumer products has been released on the market, iphone, HP Touch Smart(still havent take a try!!), Windows Table, and some more I didn’t know..

From the Video, it raised the shortcoming of touch screen nowadays, which is your palm will block your sight.. Also, as my mum said on me while I proposed to buy her a touch screen computer (i think it will be easier for her to handle the drug ‘n drag action with her human-born-sense instead of the artificial mouse in a very “illogic way” to finish the tasks), she said the forearm will get tire easily why using the vertical touch screen.. Meanwhile, the horizontal touch screen will hurt your neck.. The way 10/GUI did is a really great exit, with a touch pad on the keyboard area to maintain the comfortable angle..

Anyway, 10/GUI is still a concept, and it is foreseeable can do better in the short future.. I’m really exciting while the interface is going to an unknown zone with endless possibilities and “the best ever” imagination ‘n engineering.. I dun feel happy while I’m stupid enough to not be one of person who “push” the world, but I’m real satisfy to witness this step~

What I’m want to say at last is, while there is going to be a brand new aspect, we can imagine/witness the ways you’ve never though about before while those made grand changes in human living.. The multi-touch, probably since iphone, creating differ commands with pre-designed finger’s track.. For sure is a real great idea even more than Human used to do(i mean million of revolution).. But how about we think more about the way of sharing, the way of data handling/internal interaction, the way of controllingthe other way of interface… … It gotta be a better tomorrow, how amazing ~~

10/GUI official site, here

Party Shot..


No more shyly face in the party photo(also no more dragon frd~) Seems only Sony can develop this kind of product like as the Aibo(that robot dog in years before)~ By the way, maybe thats why Sony developed that “smile and shot” (i dun know the actual name), and this cam does really get used of the face detection technology ~~ Just quite interesting in how can it construct the photo itself ..

go to its website and check out more ~



Vodpod videos no longer available.

more about “GUTEN TOUCH on Vimeo“, posted with vodpod
Vodpod videos no longer available. 

more about “Hi on Vimeo“, posted with vodpod


Multitouch Barcelona 為 Red Bull Music Award 所做既 installation, 好有劃時代既氣焰.. 第二段 self project 片好”有趣”, 但有D悶.. anyway, 如果睇完佢地係 vimeo 既 self  introduction 後就會覺得其實佢表達出既野係好有意思:

“Multitouch Barcelona is a recently born interaction design group that explores natural
communication between people and technology. They design touch sensitive environments
where real world interactions move to a digital context. Interfaces where people touch, play,
move, feel…Where senses play their natural role, where everything just ‘happens” as it does in
the real world.”

好開心我 multi-touch 既出現其實係令我地用返最原始/自然既方式去 control.. 無論 iphone 的 3.5 吋, Microsoft 的 surface, HP TouchSmartPCs.. 都是在告訴你, 我們又是時侯行一步啦(定算係退一步~?) 


看看 Uncle Bill 既大制作, 超靚的, 超夢想的, 見有香港機場, 不知是否在香港拍的 ~~ By the way, 你可以係片中見到好多 infography ~ This must be a step of future~~

Vodpod videos no longer available.

more about “Microsoft Sustainability on Vimeo“, posted with vodpod



好感動, Olympus 竟然同 Pen 慶祝 50 years old 生日.. 一部停產過廿年, 獨一無二(I mean Pen-F), 脫離主流既相機 ~~

雖然有傳新個部 Micro 3/4 會叫做 Pen, 有做勢之嫌.. 就算係, Olympus 都算係交足戲, or 我算係易滿足.. I love Japanese 個種超乎想像的從一而終~~


傳聞會叫做 Pen 既新 Micro 3/4 機


Walk Assistant by Honda


So cool, this walking assistant from Honda seems more possible and friendly than the Iron Man’s one. As from Honda website, it is 6.5kg and work 2 hours with one fully charge. Although it may feel rare with the seat & on your back of thigh, buy i think it must be helpful for the eldery. I will also call it knee safer~ Anyway we will need to thanks to ASIMO too ~