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World biggest stop motion project..

An ads of Peugeot up-coming-HK RCZ.. Which remind us about Google Street view is the largest stop motion project ~!

By the way, RCZ or TT? Of coz Peugeot!!


Live the language..


Ok, Beijing again~ Live the Language campaign by EF language center. They have made servers of clips from Paris to Barcelona. With the faded colouring,  I love the “Sydney” most !


Peugeot + Dub..

Peugeot, of coz that’s why I found this ads. And 8-bit + Dub + Engine (especially that back fire!!!) background music, so cool la~~  How However, according to the youtube comment reply

“Thanks for the comments! Glad you like the music! The track is called “Only Playing” and the artist is “Charlie / I”. The music was composed especially for the ad so unfortunately it’s not commercially available. ^Andy”

Touch Wood, 洗滌心靈的「森の木琴」

*suggested watch on HD 720p !!

** via Adman’s Rants blog

Stunned and Wholly admired!! Wondering where else except japan could give budget for such advertising, but not paying for the pop star or CG!!!

Wario Land youtube ads..

This youtube cant be embedded, just click and feel ~


Human Reaction..


太過隱晦? 來一個激情點的!

MTR, begin..

近來日日又講高鐵,又講沙中線,唔係全設計師筆下圖,就係虛擬行車時間,又或者係講緊2020年,我都唔知有無咁長命! 不如講返D實在D既啦,好似呢個1979年既地鐵宣傳片,個background music用左不得了的電音,可知當時真的用成間房咁大的synthesizer去做全analog混音,當時肯定係indie中既indie!! 當片中電子音樂+Tunnel view既時候真係超Retro-Cyber的感動~


–          旺角YMCA的舊building

–          有船的佐敦!

–          超懷念單程票機的” 盲人都睇得到”既大Logo

–          Btw, 個旁白既tone好似森美的笑談廣東話~


Motion infography..

Nice motion infography of Spanish Canal Isabel. Worked by Binalogue, similar to the H5 work for Royksopp’s Remind me, but in 3D rendering ~

Canal+ commercial..


Hot summer..

Shiseido x 木村Gatsby 的 老外 TVC, .. 再翻睇, 都係原作好睇D~~ 個種鏡頭準確同細膩都係日系 arm 口味D, 有時真係唔係話人多一定會贏..