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Month: December, 2010

Macintosh Classic Touch..

Mac Classic body with ipad viscera~ Like as the Retro ipad game station, but with more tribute to Steve Jobs ~



The ultimate control solution so far for desktop computer has been solved by the Apple Magic Pad.. So, world needs a step forward for the iPad or any tablet gadgets. 5 inch more please, while I’m talking about the appliances which can be used on deck, big enough to read further than your own arms. So, Ellipticlabs is giving you a Wii+iPad solution, which the sight wont be blocked by your own hand, and you can control it with your wet hands in the bathroom~

半年前在 Facebook post 的, 當時聲稱係最直接的表達, 以現在的心情, 看來真的沒有錯, 因為5條sad已經中左3條..

The reasons of why I’m happy:

1. I believe in what I’m doing; whatever it is great as being a hero or pity as a loser. There is no right or wrong..

2a. I love what I worth to do so;
2b. I know what I’m doing for; whatever it is understandable or unreasonable. There is only me in the world..

3a. I stumble with my own steps;
3b. I content what I should regret
3c. I move into where I’ve never been
3d. I live what I’m dreaming about; whatever it is a dream in reality or a reality in dream. At least I am getting experienced

4. I gaze what is charming to be seen; whatever it is seen perfectly by me or is seen pathetic by you. I see world in beaut..

5. I dun have any understanding but you; whatever there is real understanding exist or believing endure. There is only me n you, from the edge of cliff to the bottom of ocean..


The reasons of why I am sad:

1. I betray what my faith is; while the most wrong decision was made..

2. I loss the tone which is used to; while the communication was gone..

3. I disappoint who is expecting on me; while the who is who I’m expecting..

4. I twist the straight line to the destination; while I even disdained about my laziness..

5. I am out of your sight; while I’m being too teeny to be perceived..


1000fps clip by Canon 7D..

Awesome 1000fps slow motion, was wondering 7D got such an awesome feature even more than the RED! Finally found out that slow fox trot-motion plug-in for After Effect did help. Super want to know how it makes perfect replicate base on the 60fps clip.. What I wanna yell out is: Sport is becoming even more worth with such a beautiful play-back

By the way, the rain drips in below even awesome BMX clip is rendered by After Effect.  (dun know why the vimeo cant be embed in wordpress now…)


Another Slow fox trot-motion masterpiece about Sk8: http://vimeo.com/17143672

Motion infography..

Nice motion infography of Spanish Canal Isabel. Worked by Binalogue, similar to the H5 work for Royksopp’s Remind me, but in 3D rendering ~



save as .WWF..

A brand new computer format, would u like to Save as WWF? This is not just an online ads, but there is a real software which produce a document without print action, save as WWF, save a tree.

MINI COPPER vendor machine..

Check the MINI COPPER vendor machine in Canada. Eye on the bottom of the screen, there is few gates, i was guessing if the new buy car would come out there as the drinks vendor machine do~ Anyway, I dun think people do purchasing via the cell phone. But if for the new car check out process, this can create enough noise~


在迷失的時光裡, 最好take一點驚喜, 在貧苦的生活裡, 最好search一點圖片。Bicycle篇


超經典的Track Bike, 好像是198x 的出品, 不見了那張半彩的比賽照, 那誇張的破風坐姿, 可以死人..


超正的 Birdy, 我不知道 HED 有出18″ 碟鈴, 但都知道一對刀鈴要$17K港紙…

Ad time1, 我的 Trial Bike, 還是後悔6年前把它賤賣了!!

Ad time2, Strida 3.3, 我的 travel mate, 給那紅極一時的A貨沖淡了它的特色。不說不知, 它的初型在大概15年前已經誕生

Ad time3, 我的travel mate 貳號, Birdy 是舒適+速度+便攜的終極合體!!

Ad time4, 我偏愛 Time Trial Bike, 兩年前算是用四份一價錢完成了一半~ 但是現在正找人買了它..


在迷失的時光裡, 最好take一點驚喜, 在貧苦的生活裡, 最好search一點圖片。Illustration篇

Banksy-勇敢,反叛,反諷, 抱打不平的黑色化身。超愛這作品,諷刺現今媒體那種以娛樂讀者為主,反智式的報導手法。

Mikkel Sommer的作品,他的作品都是以反諷社會為主,現實同幻想的合體,正如生存的地方一樣。
Huang Cheng – 北京奧運時的ad真的看到目不暇給,這個我在香港沒有見過。
Huang Cheng-這個大家一定看過,第一次看它的TVC時,精彩得真的有哭出來的感動!