quietly we drift away, quietly we fade to grey – suede

Month: November, 2011

Argentina New Cinema 2011: Job..

阿根廷電影節@LA, 成段唔知做咩, 最後一秒寸美國, 好仆街 ~~


World biggest stop motion project..

An ads of Peugeot up-coming-HK RCZ.. Which remind us about Google Street view is the largest stop motion project ~!

By the way, RCZ or TT? Of coz Peugeot!!


一切變得麻目, 變得毫無意義..

真話與反話都沒有所為, 因為眼前的所有都只是自身的投射..

Mirage bullet time on wave..

Matrix bullet time reappear on the wave! With pure factual (no CG i believe).. Love its modified gadget !! See it in the making of right below