quietly we drift away, quietly we fade to grey – suede


I wish i am dead now, that is crazy, I am not sure if this is just a depression or what, but I am feeling as great as ever..

Rght on this month, I am so glad about you, U got ur great job, U got ur body..

Something just like, my daughter, got her own way, and it is the time, for me to be oblivion..

Something, I have done mine..

I am thinking about, u are going to have a great life..

Something was good yet to come, and here you are, you is going to have it better than now..

Just full of envy and full of wishes, but I shall stay back for your own good..

I am just an oblivion, and just a sad romance, for me to feel my heart beat..


tin cup

was | is | will


I was loving what you were.

I am loving what you are..

I will be loving what you are going to be…

Growing old together with the same direction, is the fuel of love,  whatever the pace, wherever the goal, there you are, and there we will be..

Thank you for your trusting, and your believing..

In the life of inbetween two life..

In the life of middle, I am so worrying about you are too old, and you are too young, whatever you 2 are doing, there are, just crushing altogether, my selfish me, which, just want your 2 can have everything well..

You would have told me to miss somebody, something, both of you..

After The Curious Case of Benjamin Button.. while i am old enough to take that..
Finally, I am old enough to take this story, one joy raised, another joy gone.. if not, there maybe just something regret, and you will lost it forever, some regret will torment eternally

I am, on a stone..

There is a stone we have been talking long ago, and there we are, delayed in fellow race, and glad we have still made here, and somebodies drown, maybe just for now, before dead..

Man made by his novel, and my novel shall upstream from here, with abit vision, with abit caring, with abit considering, or, shall with nothing.. whatever fancy or evil, it should be another chapter of the novel, and at least it shall be a fabulous one, out of previous and consolidate the later..

Earth is still spinning, and everything shall move on, old but gold is crowding, youth is impulsive in all round, and that’s merely naive (yet treasurable).. And what if there is something else?

Something at least i could move forward to..


There has been 2 years, the amazing and scary thing about the internet, you can lost for a long while and then come back with everything still..

Part 1. Dun frustrate about 1 year of nothing, but never underestimate the 5 years changes. It has been 5 years from the post 21 Oct 2010. I glad, I am surprise, and I think again.

Part 2.  I am satisfied, at least at this moment, the 1st time i did..

Part 3. “留下一點距離, 回味來自心跳..”


2014_8_17 (45)n

Part 1. “Sometimes you need to run before you learned how to walk”, and so many times I have witnessed from behind.

Part 2. Things by things have moved on, going to be better or worse, thinking via above or below? First is how you would interpret, then it is about how you would act, I hope I am really taking my second step, and what could be the third leap?

Part 4. There are no eternal Sun and Night, so the love,which made you missing the day while in dark, made you loving tomorrow even deeper than yesterday.

Stars and night..


In the night with cursed angels around, I was fail to wrestle against their finger tip. All the stars at night are all about you while I am beat down on ground as they always do. With the demons and nightmares, there is light still bright in my mind. At the time it is blinded by color of dark, i can only see sun with my eyelids closed, til the embracing of the turelight, the rigid and real one, the believed and tangible one..


I am sorry for everything, for myself and you. I stood tight with everything aside me and you. Just you and me, mean more than everything. Collapsing of the  stars night could not cloak the you but bury myself. With my one hand left on ground and I would be touching with you for one last time. With all the things underneath the dust and mud, whatever it is dirt and shame, I hope there is still the soul you would like to know..

When words fade..

The only melody trigger the only memory, either 1 or 0, either full or none, and so there is nothing or anything, with the silent scream, with the empty poem.  Where does the word belong? in the flowing air, in the condensing drips, there are everywhere, but no destination..

There is a day in absent of daylight..

每年, 總有幾晚會被蚊釘到徹夜難眠, 還要痕上數天..
每年, 也總在晚上思前想後, 原地踏步, 想了一生, 卻只過了半刻..
每年, 總會在太陽消失以後找上24歲的Nina Persson聽教..



然後, 一切如舊, 往日如昔… 但是, 我倒是喜歡這樣無無謂謂, 與天賭命, 然後奮力逃跑..

這樣的遊戲, 還可以玩上多少次?