Um.. ..

by phenixwithnomind

As the plcce won’t get it’s place on august, i got a thunder right in my head which I have just realized. These days were just like nothing. Indeed, the plan of having a place has started since 2009, we were ready and we lost then we were ready again but we lose again. I can’t say I have got used with this, but recall further, the idea of the place was since 2007, whatever enents we’ve done, whatever joys we’ve got, it is still on the way to go. To go where? Nobody can tell, it’s a living thing we are feeding with and growing up. Whenever it’s lost, whenever it’s fell, it stood and walk again. Although It is still feeble, although it’s still like numb, I’m still trusting in it as always as I trust myself. It is side of me, and we sustain each other.. All I want is to have a worth flashback in the white tunnel.

I got no suitable calling for the place without a place. The works are still going on but back to the moments in 2009. With a slap back from my 2010’s blueprint post, let’s talk about quality, but with the old steps.

From partying, project implementing, gathering to experiencing, the place without a place is still the place. We will keep the momentum in the same direction to give away cool experience which base on sharing. It’s all because I’m trusting in every single small potato of us is special enough..

Above a place, let’s talk about experience out of box..