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Month: August, 2009

Neurosonics Audiomedical Labs Inc. on Vimeo

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Ohh, what a stun video, cant say anyting.. I was thinking Royksopp b4 clicking, but it is quite an “indie video”? i dun know, but they really did the idea of human-machines, it is so cool ~~ Crash to their Vimeo and check out more ..

360 Green ~


Oh, aside of Vertical Green, there is another great idea which i will call it 360 green, but it takes quite alot of energy to operate, i dun know if the fiber glass and mirror can help !! This is called Cylindrical Hydroponic Designs by OmegaGarden.. This is based on the concept of Urban farming like as Vertical Green Farm Project, to increase the green product within the urban area..

However, the carbon footprint of this machine seems a bit high (esp. the watering mechanism..) (I know this project is not env. aimed)

The sad part of Japan..

I know about the Japanese heavy whaling but i dun know they also hunt for dolphin (it will be logical if the reason of hunting over 500 whale for scientific  purposes is because of maximize the catch of fish in the sea).. I dun/cant/dun know have stance in this topic, however the whaling senses are bloody enough (if you want to know more, please google or youtube yourself).. But my point is everyone should have known this in whatever they’ve chosen..

I think we wont see this in hk cinema, maybe possible in PRC, at least they dun deny anti-jap..

Music Selection 3


this selection can be downloaded via here

First, why selection 3? Cuz selection 2 is suck.. It was Full House 90mins mix, suck anyway..

This selection is Down tempo one ~ Let me tell some story about me here.. Every time I feel depress, I will take a music cure and the prescription is: Indie > Trip Hop > Trance > Techno.. And this is a 30mins short cure, hope it works on you too ~ Enjoy with the playlist:

1. Tada tata - Hit The Wall
2. Lisa Mitchell - Neopolitan Dreams
3. The Marshmallow Kisses - a la pa ti's 
4. Husky Rescue - My World
5. Tycho - Cloud Generator
6. DJ Koze - 40 Love
7. Kooz - Oblivion
8. The Cynic Project - Formant
9. Benassi Bros - Rocket The Sky
10. Air - Alone in Kyoto

Japanese game, in western eyes..

留意影子(youtube 上係咁講) 記得細個睇電視時好鍾意o個個日本遊戲節目(o個個呢, 唔記左咩名), D o架仔著D戲服係度扮呢扮路, 全 human power~~ 最記得有個係打 Ping Pong, 激戰連場外重要玩埋 Matrix bullet time ~~

好啦, 懷念完往日時光後入返正題 ~ 呢個就係老外眼中既日本仔遊戲節目, 係咁多, byebye ~

Party Shot..


No more shyly face in the party photo(also no more dragon frd~) Seems only Sony can develop this kind of product like as the Aibo(that robot dog in years before)~ By the way, maybe thats why Sony developed that “smile and shot” (i dun know the actual name), and this cam does really get used of the face detection technology ~~ Just quite interesting in how can it construct the photo itself ..

go to its website and check out more ~


LOMO Bullet Time..

Aiya, why didnt I get this idea~~ It produce tonne of fun and great outcome~~

Mcdonald Ads..


呀好野, 咁既 ads 應該會比兩個唔同既 ads 更 eye catching 同有noise ~~話雖呢個ads係 Denmark, 但 M 記又buy 佢呢個concept.. 無做野(normally d client 會係咁 think) 重要收咁貴 (BBD 出品, 應該唔會平得去邊卦)… Anyway, 呢個 ads 真係吹脹地做到 eye catching,  而且低製作, 低成本~ 又唔使重金請呀祖兒拍廣告, 大家都好 ~~

Windows innovation..

Freshly discovered this old idea fold n’ drop for windows (you can see the window 2000/95 in the demo video~) But it is a really great idea, and dun know why it havent appear in nowadays windows… I dun think Vista that “switch between windows” is better.. Anyway, this is just applying real physical world into the virtual, like as the touch-interface, love it ~

Noble Bike..


Ok, this bike worth US5500.. it is heavier than steel frame but almost twice of the full carbon Chevello bike.. This is bike from the god while it can against evil(I guess, from the comic), because it is made by Silver (and dun forget the Brooks seat and hand grips).. This bike is from Georg Jensen, a high silver craftsmanship brand.. what a cold shock….