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Argentina New Cinema 2011: Job..

阿根廷電影節@LA, 成段唔知做咩, 最後一秒寸美國, 好仆街 ~~


Water Calligraphy Device..

Remember the water-fall clock in previous page? And here is more about the water dot matrix printer in Beijing Way (by a laowai’s hand).. It is being showed in the Beijing Design Week (how dare I didnt attend..) by Nicholas Hanna..

Temple of Heaven..

Hide n Find.. Red triangle shows your current location, so where was I in the Temple of Heaven? (click to enlarge!)



From the screenshot, I though this is about skating WITH doggie, but not skating ON doggie.. This is real fun, but the doggie boards are so real, especially the head… So, it is abit scary indeed….

Angry Bird..

Here come with the Angry Bird 3 stars guild for Theme 1 (I am stuck on Theme 3) For the Maths creep, you can grab the formula from Wired News and calculate the job done !!


A cup of wine glass..

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Amusement Appreciation~ selling on Z Gallerie

Fan cooling tie..

Thanko unleash its 3rd generation of USB Necktie with cooling fan.

我相信, 只有在日本才可買得到這叮噹的法寶 (叮噹只是代理 Thanko 的貨) !! 3000Yen, 送給你爸爸最清涼的禮物…

Otaku training..

Primesta latest Hinako Push-up apply for Android is just plain... Weird.

How to train up your Otaku son? Here is the solution – animation x Smart Phone.. Must see the video, how interact and how “she” cheer you up with your motion. Just cant stop yourself.. I’m thinking the 2nd edition will be released soon, which is a inflatable “her”..

Law of..

Sorry all, my will power is running out and waiting for the sun rise… Anyway, i’m posting a Law of Man ‘n Woman, and hope you all smile as always ~

Pointing Finger, bookmark..

Hey, finally there is a bookmark which can really remind me my last word to read~ As you can see the chinese book in the picture above, yea, this is product designed by Taiwan, the team 25togo, check out ‘n shop their other products~