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Month: December, 2008

Polaroid Alive !

tomygal6_11tomygal7_1tomygal2_1Oh, maybe you know the PoGo already, a wireless portable printer (1 full charged battery can print 15pics, better than the 10pcs pack 600 film, right..?)   Now the Japanese make it further and more polaroid+er, the    TOMY xiao™ TIP-521 Digital Camera  , with a cute & retro outlook (the back is not good) and polaroid soul.. wondering if there will have SLR version as my Polaroid 680.     It has been released in Japan, also wondering who would like to get it as I do…


Love is deep, sex only needs a few inchs


A poster from Museum of Sex in NYC. What a simple and direct-hit expression. It’s implicit & superfacial;  plain & suggestive  ~

Tour de Guangzhou


tdg_bannerOh, finally one more, cycling to Guangzhou City from Shenzhen City. 220km, almost 100% flat road (at least no slope like as Tai Po Road). I did one time b4, and used 12 hrs with an 14-19km/hr  average speed. This time with Calvin, I expect we can reach 20 – 25km/hr  average speed, and arrive GZ city within 10 hrs. I will ride my re-birth Birdy, and Calvin will on my Giant 26″ MTB.

Actually, in term of cycling, there is no fun about cycling to GZ on G107 country road.. but, it is just….. something want to accomplish, and kinda of crazy(but it is not really hard at all). So, I invited Calvin to do it again ~~      *are the posters feel really dumn !?!!  NO WAY

And of coz, i would like to meet some frds in GZ city as there will have a DBG concert.


Fotos from my last trip:


We sang, we danced, we swam, we said goodbye to Gabin

This is the final final farewell for Gabin. Thanks for Gabin & Xavier handling everything, and we were completely drunk… cant imagine how some of us go to LKF with the wet underwear…..    Just check out how crazy we were !!!

Crazy Mix

Vodpod videos no longer available.


Naked Cowboys in Pier No.9


On board Live performance 


Our last words before Gabin go to Peking

Can you recall some inland which will only be connect during the low tide?



New hiking + photographing event encouraged by Jeffey. Actually, I dun really know how to explain this place, and I got no good photo which can describe it… Maybe as I mentioned in the facebook, “Can you recall some inland which will only be connect during the low tide?”,, Ahhh, I think u’ve got it ~~ Come to join us ? 

Coca Cola this time

coke_light_rykiel01coke_light_rykiel02Right after the grumble to Pepsi, I found a Coca-Cola nice stuffs with its aluminum bottle.. it’s never make me disappointed ~

This time, “Coca-Cola Light by Nathalie Rykie”

Pepsi ads… still out of the coke…











These 2 sets of poster are also come from “BBDO, Düsseldorf, Germany” The upper one called “One very very lonely calorie”, and the bottom set is called “Dare for more” … actually, both of the are nice, the first set is really match & hit the target, while the second one is really grand (especially while u view in full size, u will see the tiny human in the great natural).. But my point is, Pipes ads never match its coke product… I still remember how shit of those expansive World Famous Star TVC (shitty story, shitty effect, shitty after ads, shitty package…) when will Pepsi goes cool…… by the way, I like the white can Pepsi, but I’ve forgot where to find it..

Long Island Party

The party mix is finally done ! It was good, and every body enjoy ~

Abnormal poster? U’re just too normal ~


With the first sight on this poster, I thought that is a anti-tradition poster with all photos stack & over layer on one side, and leave the pure wording on the stage.. But, take a look of it, it even goes further – no fish alive in the sea… by “Script, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil”