quietly we drift away, quietly we fade to grey – suede

Month: May, 2013



In this fiery summer, we both are melting slowly.

Until one day, my souls evaporate and your flesh dissolve.

In the 100% of humidity, ours molecule blend perfectly..





Part.1  我是臥底? 定係我話之你地!?

Part.3 Does my emotion raise too high for guarantee death? Am I running too fast for guarantee lost?

Part.4 This is too scary, you have got me wholly..

Apple of Eden..

garden-of-eden-painting-in-vatican-museum-vatican-city-rome-italy-1024x764(pp_w614_h458)Garden of Eden in Vatican museum

Is this a curse or Eden;

Is this an apple or viper;

Is this a revenge or ransom;

Is this a Karma or far shore;

Is this happiness or tragedy;

Both aspects are overloaded

Is this the end..


No Label..


If there is childish, i grow

If there is ignorance, i learn

If there is mislead, i alter

If there is there, i follow




you are not me


what i can do, is merely to do what i can do..

Zero point One..


Every person has his/her theme song from my head, but, you got every melody as yours..



Heaven gate opened

Angel came to my front

Folks were celebrating

My sister got her promise of a life

4 things were happened in one day

Too high for guaranteed death?

Or real life can really be bigger than dream

There was part.2 in here

There is part. 4 in here

There are something beyond my verbal expression

There are something made me nothing

There  you are

In front of me

Right in front of me