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Month: January, 2009

Awesome work..

Electrabel 2009 new year Ads by Art director – Raf Wathion(somebody tell me his site?), and agency – FAMOUS

The making of

It is juat awesome and fabulous stop motion !!!!!!!!


Top Gear Live Performance in HK !?


Truth be told.. I dun there is a Top Gear Live show in the world, and even they are holding one in HKCEC on Feb….. But I’m sure it is just ROCK !!!! 

I got no concept about the show, but what I’ve seen on their website… It is a live performance (or i should call it acrobatics?) in HKCEC  Hall 2 (indoor motor performance show !?).. even Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and Marchy Lee will on stage !!???    What the !!! 

There will be 7 shows from Feb 20 – 22, ticket from 288 – 988 (chinese Event company ~?), the 588 & 988 ticket can even enjoy a backstage tour !!!!    There will also have the showcase of the supercar.. this is what I want.. but I feel barrier to pay 288 for watching the car while I can do it in Central… 

But let me know if you are going… I CAN change my mind.. while I never enjoy the motor acrobatics before…

Another Draw of Polaroid..



Impossible b.v., a Netherlands cooperation which bought the factory of Polaroid Netherlands factory. Code name “The impossible Project”, they aimed to re-invent/relaunch the Instant Film in 2010. This must be the wonderful news for all the Polaroider, and I dun need to sell my 680 la ~~

From their website, they will probably raise a new brand of Instant film. But, they will try their best to make the Polaroid capable film, that’s good enough ~     By the way, I love their tag below ~


Backpack biycle (downhill? only..)


a3佢個web係德文, 我淨係知佢叫 Der Bergmönch, 個web 有條片介紹佢, 自己慢慢睇 ~  對於我呢D單車友黎講, 可以帶住架單車周圍走可以話係夢未以求, (當然揸住 Ben屎, 再放架 full carbon Orbea 係車頂就最好…)… 可惜我無錢.. 

其實可以咩架單車係最好, 又唔怕撞到人(其實怕撞花架車~), 又唔使揪到傻 ! 正當一切都好似好美好既時侯… 點知原來佢係無傳動…. 淨係可以落斜, 重要一停就要推, 又無 seat 位, 坐住爬又唔得…. 想點….. 見佢以 downhill 做賣點, 但係佢頭 20吋尾14吋(我估) + 3 吋都唔知有無既避震, 再加佢呢個姿勢… 真係唔知點 downhill…..

Anyway, it is still a good & new idea in bicycle industry ~

Post a card, with heart !



如果大家唔想左再送D 勁娘勁無 Heart 既 greating card.. 可以諗下以下呢一張 The ___ Cards,, 顧名思義, 個designer 自己都唔知會變成咩 card.. 佢個 web 重有得俾你 draft & practice 個pattern 添 ~ 個 flash 整得幾好, 好intereact, 淨係個 web 已經好夠 fun, 又可以令人更加 get involve 個 product. 

下面係佢地對上一個 design, D 野可以走出黎既 X’mas Card ~


Song of sleepless night


This pic is made on last year winter with this song – No Sleep   by    The Cardigans   on   2004. It is the same long cold winter..

Finally, music here ~

The stupid me finally know how to put the music here, and this is what I wanna do from the beginning ~ And the first song is not my beloved House music, but most of you must heard it b4. The name is not as cool as its melody, it is 28 tracks later by Future Disciplem UK ~ Enjoy the music with the cool movie poster~




Product Design Group – hundredstensunits


一個好正, 好minimal o既燈,但係就真係唔知D光係點樣走出黎。 呢個應該只係 Prototype, 都係 Prototype 好, 一般到 Production 都會失色不少…. 係佢地個 web 既檯同 chair 都好 “薄”, 好正 ~ 而我覺得佢地個鐘都好難得咁做到突破, 起碼唔再只係玩 pattern, 玩D懶係 extraordinary o既數字。




Tour de Guangzhou ~


第二次由深圳踩上廣州了, 都係唔可以 fully completed.. 踩到 新堂後收左皮..離廣州市中心(的士大佬話一江之隔o既芳村竟然算係市郊 !!) 重有大概 3-40 公里。原本以為今次同 Calvin 巴打踩實大把時間剩… 點知就係因為咁, 又 late 左出發, 又係深圳度一度失左路, 又又一霜情願以為到一早左廣州市然後行錯路….    所以overall 都無機會影相… 我地行可以直上上海o既 107 國道,路面比香港正 9 倍,但有時有D位會有勁多勁快o既貨車大巴行過 (有幾快? 睇下邊條片就知, 我地當時時速大概23-27km)。

單車野無咩好講,我地係新堂打的到天河一間 3 stars hotel (樓下哥仔勁熱情好客…..),我地推罷佢o既熱情後就去會係廣o既朋友 (Jie, Eva, Ribena),C-union,唱K,Babyface(great House music DJ),最後喜喜 , 最後因為急屎而要掃 Calvin 慶… 當時已經4am, 它那奶奶的喜喜竟然重係full爆…

第二日開始落雨了, 只係去左相機城後就雨戰踩去客運站搭大巴…雨戰後果係當晚洗車洗到4am….

I planned to write a summary.. suddenly it comes out like a diary….. anyway, check our(Calvin casitng only) short live video ~

Gear Tap, shift out ur water !

Shen Dishifter2shifter3shifter4

車迷至愛!! 唔係, 就算唔係都鐘意啦, 咁 Grand !!! 唔知入左後波會係係點呢 ~~?