zero point zero..

Language may be the worst communication tool in world. But by burying any single word, we would have been all alone forever..


We got the same flesh, does bleeding with the same blade penetrated, and the part the opposite side might never know, will be the same pain fully on the heart here while the blade is sticking on my side..


Paradise is the place we all dreaming for, to do whatever we could to construct the utopia.. But sometimes, we might just need a trip into the hell, to burn all hypocritical in front of all eyes..


A trip to the hell with the light of darkness, to taste the flesh and blood, the addiction is, I know that I will be missing the heaven again, right above the bloody hell.. And such contradiction is the trance, and I am soaking into it to drown my id.. my id, need no more translation, need no more undertaking, but i still know everything after the sun smile again, this muddy id should have got away, before all this, let me bath in the chaos..


I drop down everything right now, is not begging for your understanding, it is all just i do not have any second breathing without you since i know there are you in my world.. every up and down after this,  you are always in my mind, and this is gotta be the greatest mystery in my life..