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Month: February, 2011

Wario Land youtube ads..

This youtube cant be embedded, just click and feel ~




part1. 現金在貶值的世界裡是最有價值的, 我們都忘記了嗎? 還沒有? 那麼便未到時候了..

part2. 原來對付漫無目的的時光, 可以用愛.. 又原來, 對付別離的悲傷, 是不去愛..

part3. 最近認識了兩位朋友, 對”將自己的興趣變成工作”與”擁有”有了新的定義..

每天還在重覆的唸: 在繁華盛世,有多少個靜寂寒暑被刻意遺忘; 在靜寂寒暑,有多少個繁華盛世被用作麻醉。

Graphical text book..

I think everyone should have known this book. But today I’ve found its brotherhood in Page One’s design books shelf.

From the cover, my thought of this book inside should be tonne of infography and graphical expression to explain the tonnes of text. It should be great, translating the great theory from a boring text-only book into a eye-candy graphic book. Maybe this is for the lazy people, I confess about I am, but isnt this cool~?

I’ve got a kinky thought about what if publisher translate famous book like “blink”, “tipping point” into graphic x theory mixture, it must be cool~

P.S. the illustrated version wasnt as graphical expression as I thought..


在迷失與重整之中… pause