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Month: March, 2009

Trip summary..


The summary/greeting card is finally done in infography style, click here to check the full size pdf file ~


Happy Up Here MV by Reuben Sutherland

講起 Roysopp, 順便 bring up 埋佢地新碟 Junior 首新歌 Happy up here 既 MV, 可能你都睇左好多次, 但你都會忍唔住, 再睇一次 ~~ 本身佢 D CG 已經做得好靚, 但係”唔夠”, 要玩埋 “大舞臺 Bulbs” 同 “射蜜蜂” 先夠皮… Concept 同 Visual Impact 都超正呀! of coz Roysopp is here too~

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覺得正可以 check out 埋 Reuben Sutherland 既 profile, 佢 D works 既 environmental atmosphere 全部都做得好正 !!   *Ikea  o個個好低死 ~~  *Flora o個個好有佢做場境既 style, 玩左好正既 Motion Typography ~!!!



Happy up here 內 好有 Pixel feel ~~ 又令我諗起好 Pixel 既日本 music group – YMCK ~~ 

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Trip is over..


My little “hea” trip is going to over, and I’m finishing it with a little summary.. it is 90% finish, and i would like to share it in pdf file after complete ~I’ve met plenty of people who are cool enough ‘n they all pumped great amount of positive energy into my life ~~

Too many nice video can be edited ‘n i really want to share, however my whole Premiere lines are completely fuck-up ‘n i dun want to format my computer again in this moment…  Anyway, I will still using the limited software to show ya’ll the movements, just give me some extra moments~

I will get the Film Photos, and will edit a short movie/photo slide, and post it up here soon..

Sorry for those who feel disapointing about my trip ..


r001-061Just found this super look-real-old photo, kind of 1973, while the Nest had been just built with SOHO borther ~~

Finally somebody salute H5’s work ~!!

A Sweden student Tomas Nilsson school ASSIGNMENT ……….. cant believe it,, he used the Little red hat background n Royksopp’s Remind Me MV style to make this.. I started to love Roysopp since their “Remind Me” MV, it is almost 10 years ago, but, just check how amazing it is by yourself !! So happy that somebody continuous its concept ~

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Kyoto on Vimeo

My little visit in Japan in 2009. Osaka + Kobe + Kyoto + Nara

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