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Month: November, 2009

Short Break..

Short break until Mid-Dec,

– Ruined up project

– The finally-working

– Sailing struggling

– My girl

Exhausted mean not dead, its gotta be another rebirth  !!


Soulwax – E-talking..

為左慶祝校園驗毒既全面勝利, 細佬特意為大家送上以上禁毒 MV ~~~

Soulwax – E-talking ~~ 又係一首先愛上 remix(tigas disco drama remix), 再愛上 original 既歌.. Soulwax 既album 都係 rock 的, 但係佢地 remix 既 MGMT-kids 又超正 wor ~~ 一直都覺得佢地玩D traditional Rock style, but armarm 先發現佢地個 E-talking MV 咁正, D typography 好 ok ~~

Hollow poster..


A night bus company De Lijn(http://www.nachtlijn.be/) who utilising the existing posters(I love Techno too !!) to be the part of its poster.. Quite brilliant idea (close to ground breaking ~), but this is lighting the fires around~~  Watch the bigger image from here, via ibelieveinadv.com

Vegetable is all you need..



“Vegetable is all you need”.. As a less meat consumer (fake vegetarian~), I should post this great work from JWT Kuwait <- surprise ~ for the International Vegetarian Union..



ipod Wall Of Sound..



Look at this stunning simply massive ipod speaker, love the contrast~  Wall Of Sound by a Swedish brand Brothers.. It contains 28 units with total 125Watt output, and even with the tube amplifier.. By the way, I dun know if they can choose the full-black cover instead of the translucent sponge.. If you are going to order this here, please invite me to test its power !!

Youtube based website..


What a super creative use of Youtube, I’ve never think about a youtube can be turned into a website.. From an advertising agency.. Just like a flash based website ~Except the link a bit too long ..but it can be redirect anyway~

Royksopp cool MV..

Another always the best MV – Eple by Royksopp, just be reminded from my hero’s blog ISO50 ~

Their other best is Remind Me (love dead this song!! Visual by H5)

Also, really glad to receive a student’s tribute school project for the H5 works ~

2012 London Olympic..



Just peeked the 2012 London Olympic pictogram from here.. For me, there is one thing spotted out in my eyes, the cycling no more merely cycling as 2008 Peking Olympic.. There will have Road Bike, Track Bike, BMX, Mountain Bike, and Triathlon ~~Great

Also, they are going to release 2 version of logo, one is traditional silhouette logo which was since 1948.. And there will have a new “dynamic” one with more color, and, dynamic ~ Loved the Track bike one ~~







An Australia Mc-donald Free-wifi campaign by DDB Sydney, rocks !!

I’m Mickey, and U’re Mini, cuz U have to smile~


bread, sun ‘n smoke, these are my lunch with the new job..

wave, catB ‘n magic, these are my conclusion with 2009..