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Month: October, 2008

Sport photographer – Carlos Serrao

NY based Carlos Serrao photos, they attracted me becoz of the TT-bike, but also the 1-leg athletes, she is really tough ! Others of his sport photos are all cool, click his personal website below to watch the beauty of sport ~


Porn Pudding ?

Japanese are really cool ~~I dun know, why the shape of “Yokohama taste?” is different than the
“Tokyo taste” & “Osaka taste” ~~

Sorry about I’ve got no more reference for this, but this photo… *.*

Why I’m becoming a Vegetarian

09Sept2 Update/claim: Im sorry to say that I was fail to hold the strong faith, i’m no longer a vegetarian, but i’m a less meat consumer.. (less than 1kg meat per week and only beef ‘n pork)..

For my friends who still dun really understand why, and how I’m becoming a vegetarian. I can say, I heard about the curely+violance treatment about the KFC chicken few years before. I was keep biting the KFC chicken until my vegetarian friend, Gutav, is you ~  He told me his reason is “保护动物“. And I was starting to think about this issue in deep. 3 weeks later, I find the booklet(click link below to download it) accidentally on the internet in the office. I printed and read about it, and I’ve decided to become a vegetarian 2 days after.

And my claim about my decision is: I cannot accept animals in the “meat farm” are deprived of their basic living rights as an animal should born to be since its ancestor did. That’s why I’m doing what I can do in terms of my basic living. I’m not the very hardcore or paranoid one who fight against the restaurant and all of those meat-eater. I’m not using my own standard to apply it onto my friends, I understanding and respect what you are doing, so please try to understand on my way and dun ask me tone of childlike questions(also with child like face) like vegetable also have live. Someone did, and made boredom for we both.. But if you are really want to know more, I’m willing to explain to you.

Actually, I would like to talk & research more about my food concept, and i think i will do it later on~ So far, what i can say it I would like the Direct Food Chain, which I know how does my food come from and how they treated it.

Hopes you all can think twice before you eat meat, and try to know more about the restaurant you are staying.

Free Vegetarian Starter Kit  |  by  |  http://www.mercyforanimals.org