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2012 London Olympic..

Some icons by Andrea Papi, dun really buy its “too nike”.. Anyway, what i want to say is it really differentiated “bmx-mountain-road-tt” by its riding position ~~ Of course i also added windsurfing in (spinnaker is raised, maybe there is sailing in Olympic?)


save as .WWF..

A brand new computer format, would u like to Save as WWF? This is not just an online ads, but there is a real software which produce a document without print action, save as WWF, save a tree.


在迷失的時光裡, 最好take一點驚喜, 在貧苦的生活裡, 最好search一點圖片。Advertisement篇

正妹當然放上來~好像只是in-house photography但係我一正都當佢係百貨公司感恩節廣告。
超有誠意的ads, 幾個球星系列可真的是在木欄上畫的。
eye-catching 又arm budget 的billboard ~

Real Motion Blur..

I do like this kind of “bring virtual into the real”. With the “motion blur” interception which we learnt from the video games or some graphic works, here the Ogilvy & Mather Jakarta brought it into the real world~ Yet it has depth of texture with its cross overlaid stripes.

Symmetry sucks, Nissan Cube..

1. “Ouch, the models are ugly…”

2. “Phew, it duplicated half face, not a new stuffs…”

3. “Ahh, that’s Nissan Cube ads!!”


5. “Hahahahahahhahhah!@!@#!@$$%%^^@@@!!!!”

6. “This ads is deadly rock !!”

“Symmetry sucks. New Nissan Cube. Humans aren’t symmetrical why should their cars be? Visit us on cubelist.co.uk”

13-th street..

超有心機 + 到位的 (爆+中!), 一個好好的 Direct Mail Reference !!

No sun, no burn..

Ummm.. ads of PeterMacCallum Cancer Centre, by CHE.. this is simple and attractive, and this is enough… Let me think, how about add some more details to make the shadow vary according to the sunlight direction(think about the slanted words while the light is from the right)?

Durex with street..

Durex with knobs ‘n ribs, how can u defect it~~ I guess, Durex with horizon grids, Durex with vertical grids, even Durex with brick is coming soon ~~

Viagra’s party blower..

Hooray~ I dun think they will sell it in supermarket( I mean this party blower — umm.. I am not talking about that girl~~~), but i think they are going to sponsor to some party/event with this party blower, again, im not talking about the girl in the ads, but, maybe, haha~~~

Panadol ads..

Is this kinda of Infography~? Real lovely ad of Panadol with no more thunder headache or evil in your head, but come to the reality with an amuse~ Real love the Wife one with no-end timeline, this is the detail part which I love ~

both pics are from I Believe in Adv