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Adobe Photoshop Touch..

I have been looking forward about how Adobe react with the Tablet era, shake it or leave it.. And here the Photoshop Touch seems they are going to shake this market!! Of course I couldn’t expect this “app” as the computer one, whatever the usage of pro, or like me to do some piece of cake stuffs.. The lighting points I’ve seen are the selection tools and multi-layering which are really useful and probably never seen in “app”..

I dun have Andriod (I already have photoshop CS3 on my tablet, but i use mouse to control~), otherwise I will download it without thinking!! And probably after St. Steve headed to another market, iOS version would be come soon!!

By the way, I have been loving Adobe Icon since the CS century (while i was working in chem lab~) And you see its icon for PS touch, how touchy it is ~!!!


PC magic pad..

FINALLY, the “magic pad” hit PC, I love Logitech!! Also, real love the Window 8 “box-interface” (also, window mobile 7)  Seems time to get prepared to renovate my computing system into a new era!!


The ultimate control solution so far for desktop computer has been solved by the Apple Magic Pad.. So, world needs a step forward for the iPad or any tablet gadgets. 5 inch more please, while I’m talking about the appliances which can be used on deck, big enough to read further than your own arms. So, Ellipticlabs is giving you a Wii+iPad solution, which the sight wont be blocked by your own hand, and you can control it with your wet hands in the bathroom~

Token Multitouch DJ Panel..

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Since Apple’s multitouch has “invented”, this is where it should go. A desk-size multi-touch panel (OLED i guess) with Emulator DJ software (touchable), which produce a great visual show in the House!!

Touch Pad for desktop..

news n pics via Engadget

Gosh!! Apple made it, the most possible alternative way to gear up  desktop computer with touch screen!! For why and how, I dun have apple official news here, but try out my past post, 10/GUI, it will let you know why you just cant multi touch with your 28″ iMac !!

Laser beam clock..

A lovely clock with 60 rotary mirrors and a red laser beam, yes, just a, I’m even more exciting with this single beam~~ Check their website with the animated showcase, I’m sure i will go crazy while watching the mirror rotate second by second!! By a Russian studio – Art Lebedev, which produced the over 10K HKD keyboard, the Optimus Maximus keyboard in below..

Freescale Smartbook Reference Design..

Dun know how to say and I think i will grab this. Just lovely with it’s less than US200 price, using ARM(thought it was down) processor and Google Android OS.. Abit sad about the dock is merely a keyboard, and charger.. Maybe i would like to buy another folding keyboard with it outdoor ~

ipod Wall Of Sound..



Look at this stunning simply massive ipod speaker, love the contrast~  Wall Of Sound by a Swedish brand Brothers.. It contains 28 units with total 125Watt output, and even with the tube amplifier.. By the way, I dun know if they can choose the full-black cover instead of the translucent sponge.. If you are going to order this here, please invite me to test its power !!

360 Green ~


Oh, aside of Vertical Green, there is another great idea which i will call it 360 green, but it takes quite alot of energy to operate, i dun know if the fiber glass and mirror can help !! This is called Cylindrical Hydroponic Designs by OmegaGarden.. This is based on the concept of Urban farming like as Vertical Green Farm Project, to increase the green product within the urban area..

However, the carbon footprint of this machine seems a bit high (esp. the watering mechanism..) (I know this project is not env. aimed)

Party Shot..


No more shyly face in the party photo(also no more dragon frd~) Seems only Sony can develop this kind of product like as the Aibo(that robot dog in years before)~ By the way, maybe thats why Sony developed that “smile and shot” (i dun know the actual name), and this cam does really get used of the face detection technology ~~ Just quite interesting in how can it construct the photo itself ..

go to its website and check out more ~