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Month: May, 2011

Peugeot + Dub..

Peugeot, of coz that’s why I found this ads. And 8-bit + Dub + Engine (especially that back fire!!!) background music, so cool la~~  How However, according to the youtube comment reply

“Thanks for the comments! Glad you like the music! The track is called “Only Playing” and the artist is “Charlie / I”. The music was composed especially for the ad so unfortunately it’s not commercially available. ^Andy”


Touch Wood, 洗滌心靈的「森の木琴」

*suggested watch on HD 720p !!

** via Adman’s Rants blog

Stunned and Wholly admired!! Wondering where else except japan could give budget for such advertising, but not paying for the pop star or CG!!!

Moving still (another story of gif)..

(*may need to click into the pic to see the awesomeness!)

A really bright idea to use the gif, like as the flat 3D picture..  The photographer is a fashion blogger – Jamie Beck who shoot really good pictures, thus made a really sparkling image with gig+beauty ~!

Since 1987, the gif still walking with us!!

*found that it is called cinemagraph (6/6/2012)

Motor surf board..

Great, there is a new hope for me who cant really paddle on the wave. Created by Wavejet, there is a little “engine module” providing 20 pounds of thrust power (1 of Boeing 777 Roll Royce engine provide 100,000 pounds, ummm….) It is not only serve surf board, but also any kind of water goods, great! great !! However, it is not on selling yet, then i can save some money for this !

Watch the video! Firstly, I think the concept is completely wrong.. As I know there is nobody us power boat to play surfing (they all go wake boarding..) Like no bicycle have motor (except the electric gearing..).. But the visual took me over (plus the carbon fiber indeed..). It is so minimal while standing on a board and moving slowly to the wave… By the way, u never see how they “duck dive” in the video ~

JP Morgan Palladium Card..

OK, lets forget about the AE Titanium. Here is the J.P. Morgan Palladium Card, Palladium is a member of Platinum (Btw, I think 24K gold card in China is going to be happened, who cares it is weak and can not be “刷”). From the Credit Card Forum (so weird…), of course it doesnt have limit of credit. The annual fee is reasonably $595, however you need another $30M at their bank… Ok, there is plenty of points reward to get the miles. I think those guy wont care about this….

Life powered life supporting..

Project “Life support” by Revital Cohen. The concept is to utilize transgenic animal to help the continuing patients. For the details please refer to the project link above. Let’s take away the technical problems, but the reasons of why doing this really in good faith..

1. The poorer patients can overcome the unaffordable instrument upkeep cost.

2. Like the pedigreed greyhound case, the animal can keep their life after its career.

3. The animal/pet can be the patient soul-mate in day ‘n night. This may be a strong cure with psychological power.

Whatever it is going to be happened soon or not, this is a really good idea to elaborate with. Especially such a human-animal win-win condition. So, I put it into “giant leap for human” category.

Blur the all, I dun want to see..

這一秒的我,完全想不到下一秒的我該站何處,當立何方… 對我來說,是一種痛苦…

Sad but beautiful..

Video be posted on 生沢舞 blog, and this is what she wrote

“The tsunami dog protects his dying friend.
This is so sad but beautiful…”

Her words show the soul of Japan, or say positivity, or or meek..

Sad is happened, but it can be beautiful at this moment, and the future.

Nina Persson..

Why go get hurt?

A Camp – Algebra

Why can’t you just forget about algebra

It’s all about you now

And all your talk of logic and formula

Could never help you now

(not anymore)

‘Cause you were always

On the run

From the darkness in your heart

So you wear it

On the outside of your chest

I have taken the liberty

To tell your ghost to go

Bribing them with sunlight and sympathy

They’ve promised not to show

(for a while)

‘Cause you were always

The little boy

Who couldn’t keep it to yourself

So your heart

Is on the outside of your chest

At the speed of light

You moved inside my home

Nothing is alright

If your are still alone

And your heart is greater than

The sum of you and everyone

But still you’re always on the run

From the poison in your lungs

And your heart is on the outside

Of your chest

My heart, mine..