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Vodpod videos no longer available. 

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Multitouch Barcelona 為 Red Bull Music Award 所做既 installation, 好有劃時代既氣焰.. 第二段 self project 片好”有趣”, 但有D悶.. anyway, 如果睇完佢地係 vimeo 既 self  introduction 後就會覺得其實佢表達出既野係好有意思:

“Multitouch Barcelona is a recently born interaction design group that explores natural
communication between people and technology. They design touch sensitive environments
where real world interactions move to a digital context. Interfaces where people touch, play,
move, feel…Where senses play their natural role, where everything just ‘happens” as it does in
the real world.”

好開心我 multi-touch 既出現其實係令我地用返最原始/自然既方式去 control.. 無論 iphone 的 3.5 吋, Microsoft 的 surface, HP TouchSmartPCs.. 都是在告訴你, 我們又是時侯行一步啦(定算係退一步~?) 


看看 Uncle Bill 既大制作, 超靚的, 超夢想的, 見有香港機場, 不知是否在香港拍的 ~~ By the way, 你可以係片中見到好多 infography ~ This must be a step of future~~

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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