Motor surf board..

by phenixwithnomind

Great, there is a new hope for me who cant really paddle on the wave. Created by Wavejet, there is a little “engine module” providing 20 pounds of thrust power (1 of Boeing 777 Roll Royce engine provide 100,000 pounds, ummm….) It is not only serve surf board, but also any kind of water goods, great! great !! However, it is not on selling yet, then i can save some money for this !

Watch the video! Firstly, I think the concept is completely wrong.. As I know there is nobody us power boat to play surfing (they all go wake boarding..) Like no bicycle have motor (except the electric gearing..).. But the visual took me over (plus the carbon fiber indeed..). It is so minimal while standing on a board and moving slowly to the wave… By the way, u never see how they “duck dive” in the video ~