Short Movie by 1DmarkIV..

by phenixwithnomind

*The link may not work, while Canon has requested to take down the clip in Vimeo, maybe, so the youtube..

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Oh, the 1D prototype has been released to some selected pro? With 24p, a 1.3 crop factor sensor, 10 fps for stills, a new AF system – 60 fps at 720p – and of course 1080p video…

This movie has been shot in mostly 6400 ASA range in a “dark area”, you should know without flashing, shooting in back street is nothing, even consider 30fps, how long per one shot could be out of 30 in a second.. Also, the slow motion at the end of the movie, 60fps i guess.. Plus, consider there is no motion blur in the shot of the boy escaping…

To see the whole article from the producer, please go Vincent Laforet’s blog, he is a great video fotop too ~!! Must check his posts there !!