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Dubai Aged..

Dubai Aged by Martin Becka, Martin employed a 1857 view camera to have done this awesome pieces!!


The Mermaid..

This picture is superior fancy, I’m not  sure about this is a paint or real photo.. It’s beauty is not merely the color tone and the texture, but I really can feel the vital of the sea lion “working”.. Thus bring out the tasteful milkshake like as the mermaid.. photo via barcroft

Indeed, he is the employee of US Navy, who’s duty is to sweep out the sea mine by attaching the mark or leg-cuff on the mine.. Aside of this, they can also act like a police to put the leg-cuff onto the intruded diver, or to safeguard people.. I didnt know that “The US Navy currently have 28 California Sea Lions, 80 Atlantic and Pacific Bottlenose Dolphins and one Beluga whale in service.”.. Wah!! Plus, this kind of “services” has been started since 1960s, and they had rigid experience in the Vietnam War, awesome !!

Short Movie by 1DmarkIV..

*The link may not work, while Canon has requested to take down the clip in Vimeo, maybe, so the youtube..

*or try http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cjxt1FwX2Zk on a new browser..

Oh, the 1D prototype has been released to some selected pro? With 24p, a 1.3 crop factor sensor, 10 fps for stills, a new AF system – 60 fps at 720p – and of course 1080p video…

This movie has been shot in mostly 6400 ASA range in a “dark area”, you should know without flashing, shooting in back street is nothing, even consider 30fps, how long per one shot could be out of 30 in a second.. Also, the slow motion at the end of the movie, 60fps i guess.. Plus, consider there is no motion blur in the shot of the boy escaping…

To see the whole article from the producer, please go Vincent Laforet’s blog, he is a great video fotop too ~!! Must check his posts there !!

Underwater Photography..

Elena Kalis3

Elena Kalis4

Elena Kalis

Party Shot..


No more shyly face in the party photo(also no more dragon frd~) Seems only Sony can develop this kind of product like as the Aibo(that robot dog in years before)~ By the way, maybe thats why Sony developed that “smile and shot” (i dun know the actual name), and this cam does really get used of the face detection technology ~~ Just quite interesting in how can it construct the photo itself ..

go to its website and check out more ~


LOMO Bullet Time..

Aiya, why didnt I get this idea~~ It produce tonne of fun and great outcome~~

Project Le Tour..

Brent Humphreys+Austin5

Awesome photos from Project Le Tour by a US photographer – Brent Humphreys who love cycling too~ Simply kick into his project site, and you will feel the passion of people from the pictures during the Tour de France !!

Brent Humphreys+Austin1

Brent Humphreys+Austin2

Brent Humphreys+Austin6

Simply emotional evoking, from a picture, for a product..


Impressive photos from Andy Glass Photography, very clean ‘n emotional image.. From some of his works, I got more ideas about utilizing the bird view angle..  Pic above – Commercial shot for Peugeot.. I was Whoa for this image in the first glance, it is kinda of crazy, unusual piece.. I cant really get the relationship between the car and the action, but the whole picture is stunned enough(far enough indeed~) for visitor stop and watch..

By the way, the car model in this pic is my lovely 307CC !!


This is the bird view utilization I have mentioned above.. Its revealed the auto-turning-head-light clearly + cleverly..


This is a clean and interesting image..


Full of freely emotion, coool..

Flash in 2008..


Waooo…. this is a picture by Carlos Gutierrez on 2 May 2008, the Chaiten volcano (Chaitén) eruption (more pics here).. I cant say anything, just shocked ‘n glorious..   However, i couldn’t dig out Carlos Gutierrez Profile to share ‘n admire to…

Sport photographer – Carlos Serrao

NY based Carlos Serrao photos, they attracted me becoz of the TT-bike, but also the 1-leg athletes, she is really tough ! Others of his sport photos are all cool, click his personal website below to watch the beauty of sport ~