Premium Gift..

by phenixwithnomind

I recall that Vincent did a FYP about “premium gift”, which is about provide a unforgettable, special, and premium experience for whom you want to give. And a year later, I got a news from Michelle about her company got a new job about “premium gift”. After the click, the company is provide some luxury unforgettable, special, and premium experience like yacht sea-night, private villa holiday, Dubai Farrier track day… … All about luxury (from middle class to upper class), thus unforgettable, special and premium(but imaginable not like going to Jupiter or hunt a Blue Whale..)

06/07年的Times 的年度人物係”你”,重有可能係你,你,你,同你!! 回想一下原來已經3個年頭,再加加上宜家 80後, 90後等城中熱話(乘以自身的自負,再除以別人的歧見),其實等如你就是宇宙最強,搞不好 Big Band 同 Coke Cola 都係為左你而誕生。如果有幸正在看這文的你都認同送給好友,不要現成,不要重複的真心禮物,那麼就真的要同我係 MSN 傾下,我諗我地都算好 arm 咀..

So, lets twist abit, what we can do for ourselves/friends more less like as Tao proposing who think it is worth for?

Bill board – Set a Bill board on Road, or a line of poster in MTR station for a message..
Stocker – Somebodies is doing this in US. They pay for a stocking crew to chase them as a famous star (abit weird but should be lovely)..
Kidnap – An extreme idea from above.. (how about make a war~)
Flash gang – Cooperate with extras to do some “people sea tactic” (人海戰術)
TVC – Make a TVC for message (is it possible to put an anti-gay ‘n anti-corruption in 志雲飯局?)

Video – is designed/edited/ video..
Poster – is designed/pasted poster, for user’s incidents..
Paper Card Direct Mail – is designed direct mail, for user’s message..
Event – is designed/arrange/invited event, for user’s message..
Hamper- is arranged/selected/delivery hamper, for user’s target..

大有大做,細有細做,既然大家都重係小朋友,緊係唔會玩”法拉”利同綁架啦,又無牌又無槍。但係只要大家開心,又未試過,有咩唔怕做呀 ~!