Domino MV..

by phenixwithnomind

– The one shot domino ads/mv/movie is not new, probably since the first impressive Honda Accord MV (in below).. and so, a mean critique will be here, although i even cannot reach this level of production..

– At first I’m quite expecting about they put Music + Domino, but the combination is not impress without enough interaction in between the song and the domino compound.. Say it can be more installation to create the song melody or sound effect.. This make me give an assumption, song is made before the MV..

– While I saw the splashed band-mate in the first scene,  i cant really accept the “merely” color canon at the last scene.. Also, I dun if those 4 color contain any meaning. I didnt see the connection inside the MV, yet the MV is not colorful as that 4 splashed guys (yet yet not a contrast)..

– The duplex shooting made a good result..

– The smashing TV part is quite a explosively shock in the MV, i like that shot~

– They splashed them self, one of them is smashed by a “hammer?”.. Should be attractive as like as Jackass style, but still far from the standard..

– And I think they can put more effort into the singers position arrangement, say they can move their position with the cam (keep the flowing cam, but with their movement in the back layer)

First good thing in my eye, always sweet.. Honda Accord Domino Ads

I love this stupid spoof as well ~~