Pink Taxi..

by phenixwithnomind


In Puebla, Mexico, there are 35 pink taxi freshly run on the road.. The pink army are all driven by women, and only for women.. The cause of why the company – Pink Taxi de Puebla invested about $440,000 to form the army is because women in Puebla’s taxi always feel insecurity with the man driver according to their flirt to their woman passenger.. Even, the Pink Taxi equipped with GPS tracking system and an emergency alarm for Christ Save..

*please read the full news here

I’m not sure if the news contained the full story, anyway, if the Pink is women only, why it also need the GPS device ‘ n the RED button? And, what if there is a couple of a family, will the husband and the son be allowed to get into? I’m afraid this act is more like a gender war declaring more than protecting lovely ladies..

Whatever, by only reading the link, at least it shows the Mexican’s creative ‘n openness (may also gender discrimination)~   The Pink seems nice indeed ~~