An ads ‘n a crazy world..

by phenixwithnomind


There are quite a lot of humanism NGO conducted very impact ads around the world like the Green Peace, WWF, Amnesty International… … However, I didt check about which one this is…  this picture is impact enough, but think about this is an installation on the street, see the video in ADivertido.. From the edited video, there are not many people check if there was really a child inside.. of coz people may know it must be fake.. nobodies can confirm here.. but let say there are really nobody check to start my point about this ads..

The power of this ads is it bring yourself thinking from inside while providing the truth.. This ads is hitting your heart while you may think after walk by “Oh… why didnt i check if there was a real kid..” and then “Ouch… by the way, there are so many kids are being ignored indeedm i have to do sth…”      Of coz I’m quite sure most of the Hong Kong are too busy ‘n got no time to think that much before they go to watch the TV or shopping…

Actually, I would’t suggest to make a “breathe machine” to make the kids more real.. Cuz this ads is to trap the people to ignore “him”, fking cool ~~!!

On the other hand, I would like to recall another humanism incident in Nicaragua in 2007 .. It is a relatively longer/more detail story here.. It is about an “artist” captured a weak ‘n starving stray dog ‘n put it in the exhibition.. He tied the dog in a cornor with no food or water during the exhibition until it’s gone.. Afterward, he used the dry dog  food to pile the words “You are what you see”… And the artist is going to do this “art” again in another exhibition in Besalona  2008… This is the story you can see on the internet.. This is fucking crazy right?

Of coz I did the petition instantly.. Indeed I am neutual in this case while I tried to find out more info about this according to the information overloaded world ‘n overloaded “Magistrate in Ethical ‘n Gucci” around.. I told myself I will never judge something/someone wrong by merely an email (i first received from frd by an email) even I’m just going to spread the message.. I even just search again (but ended in google page 1) to dig out more info/truth.. The sadly thing I was expected is there are much much less result afterward things.. People can keep barbarbar for sth, saying marc his face, cut his dick … … and then suddenly disappear until somebody recall this again… … No body can tell if the dog is really killed, no pics(there are always those few pictures on web), no info from the exhibition veneue, no “artist” declaration, but a claimed real wordings from “artist” blog in a againsting website..

Sorry about I have to claim so much thing about this crazy world for this kind of case.. I dun want to be called as cold blood but meanwhile I dun want to be those “hot blood/憤青” who do even cold blood things… But anyway, the point is here. Where there were no ppl stop this or try to end this crazy thing? Becoz they are all noble human? The wording of “you are what you see” is fucking cool.. exactly same impact from the ads above…

My friends, it is time to think ‘n digest more about the incidents surrounding you and act more instead of just speak…