Music Selection 3

by phenixwithnomind

this selection can be downloaded via here

First, why selection 3? Cuz selection 2 is suck.. It was Full House 90mins mix, suck anyway..

This selection is Down tempo one ~ Let me tell some story about me here.. Every time I feel depress, I will take a music cure and the prescription is: Indie > Trip Hop > Trance > Techno.. And this is a 30mins short cure, hope it works on you too ~ Enjoy with the playlist:

1. Tada tata - Hit The Wall
2. Lisa Mitchell - Neopolitan Dreams
3. The Marshmallow Kisses - a la pa ti's 
4. Husky Rescue - My World
5. Tycho - Cloud Generator
6. DJ Koze - 40 Love
7. Kooz - Oblivion
8. The Cynic Project - Formant
9. Benassi Bros - Rocket The Sky
10. Air - Alone in Kyoto