Trip is over..

by phenixwithnomind


My little “hea” trip is going to over, and I’m finishing it with a little summary.. it is 90% finish, and i would like to share it in pdf file after complete ~I’ve met plenty of people who are cool enough ‘n they all pumped great amount of positive energy into my life ~~

Too many nice video can be edited ‘n i really want to share, however my whole Premiere lines are completely fuck-up ‘n i dun want to format my computer again in this moment…  Anyway, I will still using the limited software to show ya’ll the movements, just give me some extra moments~

I will get the Film Photos, and will edit a short movie/photo slide, and post it up here soon..

Sorry for those who feel disapointing about my trip ..


r001-061Just found this super look-real-old photo, kind of 1973, while the Nest had been just built with SOHO borther ~~