Top Gear Live Performance in HK !?

by phenixwithnomind


Truth be told.. I dun there is a Top Gear Live show in the world, and even they are holding one in HKCEC on Feb….. But I’m sure it is just ROCK !!!! 

I got no concept about the show, but what I’ve seen on their website… It is a live performance (or i should call it acrobatics?) in HKCEC  Hall 2 (indoor motor performance show !?).. even Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and Marchy Lee will on stage !!???    What the !!! 

There will be 7 shows from Feb 20 – 22, ticket from 288 – 988 (chinese Event company ~?), the 588 & 988 ticket can even enjoy a backstage tour !!!!    There will also have the showcase of the supercar.. this is what I want.. but I feel barrier to pay 288 for watching the car while I can do it in Central… 

But let me know if you are going… I CAN change my mind.. while I never enjoy the motor acrobatics before…