Pepsi ads… still out of the coke…

by phenixwithnomind











These 2 sets of poster are also come from “BBDO, Düsseldorf, Germany” The upper one called “One very very lonely calorie”, and the bottom set is called “Dare for more” … actually, both of the are nice, the first set is really match & hit the target, while the second one is really grand (especially while u view in full size, u will see the tiny human in the great natural).. But my point is, Pipes ads never match its coke product… I still remember how shit of those expansive World Famous Star TVC (shitty story, shitty effect, shitty after ads, shitty package…) when will Pepsi goes cool…… by the way, I like the white can Pepsi, but I’ve forgot where to find it..