quietly we drift away, quietly we fade to grey – suede


Part1. 現實一直把我拖著,憤怒卻不斷推我向前,兩者各自遠走,是我距離感錯了嗎,站在中間,所有東西又一再遠離,是我一直在原地空轉嗎,把自己都轉得昏庸。要逃避也不可能再離開了, 先把所有門戶都關上吧..

Part4. 儘管可以封鎖得密不透風,但這裡其實還有一扇可以打開的窗, 我只祈望能在這裡呼吸到新鮮的空氣..

Fragment of Part 1..

如果這次轉向, 也是走進一條裡胡同, 我真的不懂如何繼續以相同的步伐走下去了.. 我想這也不是期望過高, 而是當風雨交加下, 那把本來已經百孔千瘡的傘也破掉的一刻, 也是我最後一條精神支柱斷裂的時候.. 別人問我為何走這麼多的路都不去坐車, 我想我連自己也永遠不能回答得到, 而我也只會繼續去走, 直至消失在眾人的眼中, 也許就不會再出現這個問題了. 但是又如何, 眼前對著一面牆, 衝不過去回不了頭, 站著吧, 管祂的地球轉了多少個圈..

zero point zero..

Language may be the worst communication tool in world. But by burying any single word, we would have been all alone forever..


We got the same flesh, does bleeding with the same blade penetrated, and the part the opposite side might never know, will be the same pain fully on the heart here while the blade is sticking on my side..


Paradise is the place we all dreaming for, to do whatever we could to construct the utopia.. But sometimes, we might just need a trip into the hell, to burn all hypocritical in front of all eyes..


A trip to the hell with the light of darkness, to taste the flesh and blood, the addiction is, I know that I will be missing the heaven again, right above the bloody hell.. And such contradiction is the trance, and I am soaking into it to drown my id.. my id, need no more translation, need no more undertaking, but i still know everything after the sun smile again, this muddy id should have got away, before all this, let me bath in the chaos..


I drop down everything right now, is not begging for your understanding, it is all just i do not have any second breathing without you since i know there are you in my world.. every up and down after this,  you are always in my mind, and this is gotta be the greatest mystery in my life..


No label..

In the hall of darkness, pillar is even hollower than empty, echo is even quieter than silence..

In the even darker night, I couldn’t say love to my self..


Part.1 昨日沈醉井中,獨步探戈井中; 今天奔竄城裡,結伴搜索城裡; 往後跳進汪洋,一起橫越汪洋。

Part.3  今天傾盡所有,伸手觸及所有; 明日捨棄一切,放手甩開一切; 往後尋找未知,巧手建設未知。

Part.4 今天滔滔情感,高聲宣示情感; 明日默默親愛,低調保持親愛; 往後翩翩經歷,心照不宣經歷。

no label..



I focus things on beauty part..

Sometimes, I am extreme positive, it is because I focus on the beautiful part of everything, also, I embrace any possibilities, in sometimes..



No Label..



Sun has set, I see no bright, I need someone to bring me a light, and tell me there will be a dawn.

This happen day by day, I put no objection to the nature, to see one night which has no sunrise..

no label..

Recovered_JPEG Digital Camera_20801

Let the good be filmed, and the rest go ashes..

How much of good, how much of bad, how much of good..

Living soul gone, dead body live.. a zombie crawling, the spirit fading..




Part.1  未必有能耐達到韜光養晦,甚至終日乾乾也未必有結果,但最少要避免或躍在淵,因為呢樣野,任何人都可以做到。。沒有懷才不遇,只有自知之名,可幸慢步向前,龜兔賽跑,贏得舒服,輸得閒逸,慶幸輸贏以外找到了自由。


Part.3 也許是身體防衛基制使然,有多少positive情感就會有多少negative慨嘆,一世人活過兩種生命,live alive 不已是十分浪漫嗎?


Part.4 不用費神去盤算愛的有效期可以有多長,只要確保情感都曾全部表達出去,Nothing has really happened,until it has been described,留下證據成為標本,過去了也可隨時回味。。